Best of Tokyo Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2022 – Wearable and Avant-Garde Styles for the Planet

If you’re a fan of Japanese street fashion you know its iconic looks are followed around the world. Japanese fashionistas embrace the old and the new and are constantly mixing diverse fashion trends for the next extraordinary looks. Let’s  uncover the latest innovative offerings from Tokyo Fashion Week for both men and women.

Tokyo 8-21 Horizonyal Ryun 3 models.JPG

Otherworldly garments by Ryunosuke Okazaki, who references nature in his exotic works of art.

Tokyo 8-21 ryun ninja cropped.jpg

I see a samurai butterfly, what do you see? Ryunosuke Okazaki.

Tokyo 8-21 ryun oragami green cropped.jpg

Shades of malachite. A sculpture, a fantasy, a poem? Ryunosuke Okazaki.

Tokyo 8-21 ryun pink cropped.jpg

Passionate pink floral symmetry. Ryunosuke Okazaki.

Tokyo 8-21 ryun blk wht cropped.jpg

Graphic gown in black and white seems about to take flight. Ryunosuke Okazaki. You need to see these fantastic fabrications in motion. Watch the video here.

Tokyo 8-21 ryun butterfly blue cropped.jpg

Twisted sister. This creation brings to mind fractals, in mathematics. Ryunosuke Okazaki.

Tokyo 8-21 2 girls Horizontal image (2) Naokito Mizuka from video.JPG

Modern take on prairie power dressing by Naokito Mizuka, image from his video.

Tokyo 8-21 Naokito Mizuka grenn dress cropped.jpg

Layers of ruffles. What’s old is new. An updated concept of what is now contemporary style. Naokito Mizuka.

Tokyo 8-21 Naokito Mizuka gren dress back cropped.jpg

At first glance this image brings to mind a vintage Victorian postcard. But look closer. Naokito Mizuka.

Tokyo 8-21  F-CE close-up mens grey cropped.jpg

The mastery is in the details. F/CE brand menswear.

Tokyo 8-21 F-CE  raincoat cropped (2) twice.jpg

F/CE exceptional raincoat.

Tokyo 8-21 F-CE mens grey vest cropped.jpg

Interesting hybrid of a sport vest crafted from suiting fabric. F/CE.

Tokyo 8-21 Loha Spain floral bag.JPG

Nine designer brands from Spain were invited to participate in Tokyo Fashion Week. Based on 18th century drawings, the floral and botanical prints on leather handbags by Loha Spain are absolutely breathtaking.

Tokyo 8-21 Loha Spain bag grn pink cropped.jpg

Swoon-worthy handbag by Loha Spain.

Tokyo 8-21 Loha bucket bag cropped.jpg

Sensational bucket bag. Loha Spain.

Tokyo 8-21 loha red cropped.jpg

This handbag is more than an accessory. It’s a blend of craftsmanship and art. Loha Spain.

Tokyo 8-21 Jun Ashida red gown.jpg

Designed by Tae Ashida for the world famous Jun Ashida brand. Luxurious one shoulder gown.

Tokyo 8-21 Jun Ashida graphic long suit.jpg

Jun Ashida. Graphic wide leg trousers with coordinating top.

Tokyo 8-21 Jun Ashida toile skirt brwn.jpg

Toile is universal. Jun Ashida

Tokyo 8-21 Jun Ashida blk stripe dress.jpg

Jun Ashida. Asymmetrical style.

Tokyo 8-21 Jun Ashida silver gown.jpg

Jun Ashida. Elegant, sophisticated silver gown.

Tokyo 8-21 Jun Ashida silver button dress.jpg

Sublime chic. Luxe gold fabric with button accents. Jun Ashida.

Tokyo 8-21 D-Vec mens red hair.jpg

D-Vec brand, sportswear.

Tokyo 8-21 D-Vec mens jkt.jpg

References of a fly fishing vest. D-Vec.

Tokyo 8-21 mens blk-wht set.jpg

D-Vec. Elegant sportswear for men.

Tokyo 8-21 Hiroko Koshino multi sweater cropped.jpg

Multi color sweater dressing by Hiroko Koshino.

Tokyo 8-21 Hiroko Koshino sheer cropped.jpg

Hiroko Koshino.

Tokyo 8-21 Hiroko Koshino long cicrle dress cropped.jpg

Hiroko Koshino.

Tokyo 8-21 Hiroko Koshino purple cropped.jpg

Hiroko Koshino.

Tokyo 8-21 Avason maxi kimono navy cropped.jpg

Maxi length kimono by Avasan of Spain.

tokyo 8-21 avasan painted kimono cropped.jpg

Avasan of Spain. Hand painted kimono.

tokyo 8-21 Avasan spain dupioni silk kimono jkt cropped.jpg

Heavenly kimono style jacket of silk dupiono by Avasan of Spain. The Soleil program of Tokyo Fashion Week promoted a number of luxury Spanish brands.

Tokyo 8-21 chono wht lace clocks cropped.jpg

Charming eyelet lace dress by Chono brand.

Tokyo 8-21 chono pleats cropped.jpg

Exceptional fabrics by Chono.

Tokyo 8-21 chono womens long tunic cropped.jpg

Long tunic over full pleated skirt. Chono.

Tokyo 8-21 chono flowers cropped.jpg

Chono. Classic beauty.

Tokyo Fashion Week; we always expect the unexpected and we are never disappointed.


Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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