Milan Fashion Week: Emerging Designers for Sustainability

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Devoted to a sustainable planet as well as the highest forms of fashion, Milan Fashion Week seeks solutions to the globe’s climate crisis. By inviting emerging designers who are committed to ethical and eco-friendly options, they put a spotlight on environmentally-safe choices we can all make.

Milan No. 2 Emerging, Sustainable Designers 9-21.JPG

Cascading crocheted skirt, Tiziano Guardini, versatile zip off sleeve jacket, Budapest brand Cukovy, vibrant pants suit, Tiziano Guardini. Images:

Milan no. 2 emerg ita sustainable tiziano guardini pink pants suit (2) cropped.JPG

Award winning Tiziano Guardini’s fabulous pink pants suit is sustainably produced. Image:

Milan No. 2 Emerg Budapest Cukovy back grn cameram (2) cropped.JPG

Budapest designer Flora Popradi of the Cukovy brand creates luxury puffer jackets filled with premium goose down. She provides the opportunity to purchase addition sleeves in multiple colors, allowing her customers to “build their own” puffer jackets. Zip on, zip off, change it up simplicity. Image:

Milan No. 2 emerg Ita sustainable Gilberto Calzolari orange dress camera (3) cropped.JPG

Gilberto Calzolari, emerging Designer for the Planet. He believes that elegance and beauty must go hand in hand with respect for our planet. Elegant shift with a focus on the embroidery. Image:

Milan no. 2 emerg Ita Sustainable Gilberto Calzolari purp skirt camera.JPG

Open work purple mini with delicate blouse. Gilberto Calzolari. Image:

Milan no. 2 emerg Ita sustainable Gilberto Calzolari oragami (2) cropped.JPG

Magnificent origami inspired sundress by Gilberto Calzolari. Image:

Milan No. 2 emerg Budapest Nini red heart bag cameram.JPG

Heart handbag by Budapest designer Nini. Image:

Milan No. 2 Emerg Budapest Nini lav fringe camera.JPG

Fun fringe handbag by Nini. Image:

Milan 9-21 max m stripes vog.jpg

Power house brand Max Mara presents up-market, wearable classics. They are especially known for their desirable coats and outerwear. Image:

milan 9-21 max m denim vog.jpg

Denim mini with blazer. The bandeau top has replaced the blouse on many runways. Max Mara. Image:

Milan 9-21 max m a line shift dress vog.jpg

The A-line shift dress has been reinterpreted many times since the 1960’s. This silhouette is regaining popularity once again. Max Mara. Image:

Milan 9-21 max m gret set vog.jpg

Stylish three piece ensemble. Max Mara. Image:

Milan no. 2 Sara Wong bloomers lav camera.jpg

Sara Wong presents a slightly off-kilter concept of “pretty.” At first glance her apparel seems old fashioned, but look closer and you’ll see her innovative and skillful tailoring has created something totally new. Image:

Milan no. 2 sara wong cheerleader skirt blue camera.jpg

Is that a hoodie worn backwards and a skater skirt? Sounds a little funny, but it actually works. Sara Wong. Image:

Milan no. 2 sara wong pink camera.jpg

Drop waist shift with unapologetic pink ruffles. Elbow length lace gloves. Bold girly-girl femininity. Sara Wong. Image:

Milan no. 2 sara wong pink floral camera.jpg

Pretty as a picture. Sara Wong. Image:

Milan no.2 sara wong gown camera.jpg

The inside of a jacket becomes the blouse of this dreamy blue gown. Eccentric, unconventional, fantastic. Sara Wong. Image:

Milan no. 2 Elis Suspenders camera.jpg

Talented designer Elisabetta Franchi’s new Spring/Summer 2022 collection was entitled, “The Explorer.” This absolutely stunning group of garments was designed for women who love to travel. Image:

Milan no. 2 Elis brwn dress camera.jpg

Elisabetta Franchi’s polka dot mini with voluminous sleeves. Image:

Milan no. 2 Elis long skirt camera.jpg

Chic look for an urban safari. Love the cut open seam on the sleeves! Elisabetta Franchi. Image:

Milan no. 2 Elis blk wht camera.jpg

So smart. Elisabetta Franchi. Image:

Milan no. 2 Elis ruffle mini camera.jpg

In this adorable little safari suit, whatever you are hunting for, you are bound to catch your prey! You need to see every piece in this glorious collection. Watch Elisabetta Franchi’s video here. The majority of the fabulous brands featured during Milan Fashion Week were not up on the Vogue website. I have hunted down the best of the best, to show you here.

Milan no. 2 pucci long sheath pattern vog.jpg

Emilio Pucci’s signature bold, joyful and vibrant prints never go out of style. Image:

Milan no. 2 Pucci gold under sheer vogue.jpg

Embellished Pucci version of the up-trending sheer look. Image:

Milan no. 2 pucci turw swim vog.jpg

Extra groovy Pucci swimwear. Image:

Milan no. 2 pucci color vog.jpg

The joy of color. The unmistakable, glorious fabrics of Pucci. Image:

Milan no 2 Roberto Cavalli tiger skirt vog.jpg

Instagramable Roberto Cavalli ensemble. Bandeau top and ferocious signature tiger skirt. This was the first runway show of Fausto Puglisi for the brand. Image:

Milan no. 2 Roberto Cavalli blk asym mini vog cropped.jpg

Here’s an outfit that sums up most of the trends spotted on the recent Spring/Summer 2022 runway shows. Asymmetrical cut-outs, lots of skin and sheer inserts that are unabashedly steamy and sexy. Watch the entire Roberto Cavalli video here.

Milan no. 2 Roberto Cavalli mens bikini vog cropped.jpg

Minimalist architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe once said that “less is more.” And in this case he just may have been right. Roberto Cavalli.

Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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