Vanity Fair – The 2021 Met Gala’s American Theme Winners: Who Did It Best?

The 2021 Met Gala’s American Theme Winners: Who Did It Best?

This year’s gala theme is “American Independence” which gave attendees a wide berth of ideas to play with from founding fathers in powdered wigs and star-spangled gowns, to Lady Liberty cosplay and, of course, all things red,

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A Wink and a Nod to History: Inside Dan Levy’s Met Gala 2021 Debut

Levy collaborated with Loewe’s Jonathan Anderson and Cartier for his first Met gala ensemble.

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Surprise: Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Trump Jr. Are Still Mooching Off U.S. Taxpayers

Trump’s adult children received six months of taxpayer-funded security after their dad left office, despite having nothing to do with the government and being rich enough to pay for it themselves.

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“Thank You, God and Norm Macdonald”: Courtney Thorne-Smith Loved Being Roasted by Norm

The late comic’s most unforgettable late-night appearance involved Conan O’Brien, Carrot Top jokes, and Courtney Thorne-Smith—who tells ‘V.F.’ she was thrilled for her movie to be the butt of Macdonald’s barbed jokes.

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Timothée, Lorde, and Kacey: The Normal (for a Night) Post-Met Celebrity Scrum Returns

The Boom Boom Room played host to its usual train of post-gala attendees on Monday night. But after a year and a delay, how unusual was that?

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Met Gala 2021: See All of the Red Carpet Looks

See all the fashion moments in the making at this year’s Met gala.

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