Paris Takes it off! Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022

Whether or not you’re ready to take it off by putting on the new “Naked Fashion,” here are some wild, wacky and wonderful options for you by the top designers of Paris Fashion Week.

Paris Takes Off horizontal image 10-21.JPG

See-through bodice, Loewe, open top gown with feather trim, Rokh, bold color block coat, Dior, portrait collars and lace cavalier cuffs reminiscent of the Three Musketeers, Patou.

Paris 1. Loewe gold plate vog.jpg

Gold breast plate, Loewe.

Paris 1. loewe purp sequins vog.jpg

Party ready sequins, Loewe.

Paris 1. Loewe blue vog.jpg

Crescent cape and peek-a-boo knees, Loewe.

Paris 1. Loewe blk wht vog.jpg

Trapunto details on the waist and side panels create geometric trousers by Jonathan Anderson for Loewe.

Paris 1. Loewe purple vog.jpg

Puff bodice with tapered leg ensemble. Loewe.

Paris 1. loewe sheer drapes pastels vog.jpg

Swatches of delicate pastels drape to form an ethereal gown. Loewe. Watch the amazing runway show here.

Paris 1. rokh wht gown vog.jpg

Bikini style top gown. Rokh.

Paris 1. rokh beige vog.jpg

Corset and safari blend jumpsuit. Rokh.

Paris 1. rokh lavendar vog.jpg

Lavender bow trimmed crop top and mini create a 60’s vibe. Rokh.

Paris 1. Rokh blk gown vog.jpg

Rokh corset bodice evening gown with drop straps.

Paris 1. dior lizard coar pink vog.jpg

Dior. Bold magenta and wild cats.

Paris 1. Dior green jkt vog.jpg

Lime green, one of the top colors seen on the Spring/Summer 2022 runways. Dior.

Paris 1. Dior colors on wht suit vog.jpg

Dior. Happy and brilliant swipes of colors.

Paris 1. orange lizard set vog.jpg

Another top trending color seen throughout many shows, neon orange. Dior.

Paris 1. Dior pink boxer shorts vog.jpg

Sporty pink boxing ensemble by Dior. Maria Grazia Chiuri may have the answer to the “naked look.” Look closely to see the nude color top the model is wearing under her pink bra. For those who don’t actually want to be naked while sporting the “naked look.”

Paris 1. dior kelly gren mini suit vog.jpg

The Dior runway show was a fabulous kaleidoscope of Pop Art fashioned in the form of a giant game board. The 1960’s and disco era elements were combined to craft the multicolored ensembles. Watch the exuberant runway video here.

Paris 1. logo Christian Dior go-go boots vogue.jpg

Groovy Christian Dior logo patent leather go-go boots. Yes, please.

Paris 1. dior make-up vog.jpg

Dior runway make-up detail.

Paris 1. dior make-up model 2 vog.jpg

Popular 1960’s make-up was bold eyeliner and soft lip color. Dior.

Paris 1. dior rings, handbag vog.jpg

Dior’s Pop Art chunky jewelry and tiny handbags.

Paris 1. patou pink dress w collar vog.jpg

The Three Musketeers look, circa 1622, updated to form a lovely, feminine dress. Pointed portrait collar and lantern sleeves. Patou.

Paris 1. Patou lace skirt hat vog.jpg

Guillaume Henry reinvents historic apparel for the modern women. Patou.

Paris 1. payou bubble shorts vog.jpg

Magenta knit sweater and lavender balloon shorts, Patou.

Paris 1. Patou scene suit vog.jpg

Charming Parisian scene fabric used to craft a lovely summer outfit. Patou.

Paris 1. balmain pants falling down vog.jpg

Olivier Rousteing has been the creative director of Balmain since 2011.

Paris 1. balmain gold chain link top vog.jpg

Gold chain link top. Balmain.

Paris 1. Balmain blk open vog.jpg

The bandeau top as outerwear. Asymmetrical strap trousers. Balmain.

Paris 1. balmain polka dots mens vog.jpg

Polka dot ensemble, menswear. Balmain.

Hope you enjoyed the inspired looks we’ve seen so far during Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022. Check back soon for Part 2 with more incredible fashions from your favorite designers.


Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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