Did you know that the origins of the polo shirt don’t stem from the ‘game of kings’ as generally assumed, but from the game of tennis?

René Lacoste (now synonymous with the polo shirt), seven time Grand Slam winner, decided to create a shirt that is breathable, comfortable and short-sleeved, with a soft and unstarched collar, a plaque and three buttons down the front. He debuted his product at the 1926 US Open Tennis tournament. Lacoste, who’s knick-name was ‘The Crocodile’ (hence the crocodile logo on Lacoste shirts) won the tournament, started to manufacture his tried-and-tested creations and the rest, as they say, is history! Soon thereafter other kinds of sports people adopted this casual but smart style, most notably so polo players.

It’s most befitting that Pynck Fashion – being a firm supporter of Irish Polo – has their own super stylish take on this iconic style. This festive season, opt for a Pynck polo shirt! These comfy shirts are supersoft, made from eco-friendly 100% organic cotton and are made to last. Versatile and on trend, Pynck’s very own branded polo shirts come in an elegant soft grey and a pastel pink colourway, boasting the stylish embroidered Pynck logo.

Check out our merchandise on We can have your very own Pynck polo shirt with you before you say ‘polo’!


Cecile Paul

Author at Pynck

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