Welcome to the Most Joyous Fashion Week in the World!

The Vibrancy, Joy and Cheer were Unrivalled, the Fashion Offerings Out Of This World. And Backstage was Truly Something to Behold.


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Stylist: Nuno Jota Jota, Model: Gisela Nhate, Photographer: Jen Dorre
Mozambique Fashion Week oozed glamour!


All Image Credit Mozambique Fashion Week, Individual Images are Credited Accordingly.


Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall at a global fashion week event? To be part of the buzz, the adrenaline and the behind-the-scenes drama? Jump aboard, in Part 1 we’re taking you on an intimate backstage tour at Mozambique Fashion Week, to where hair and beauty experts, models, designers, stylists and photographers put on their own show before the actual runway shows commenced …

The seventeenth edition of one of the most coveted and anticipated fashion events in all of Africa took place in Maputo in December 2021. Vibrant Maputo, the capital of tropical beach paradise Mozambique, was abuzz with activity prior to, during and post the fashion week shows: eighty-plus hand-picked designers from all over Africa, 55 extraordinary models, 65 behind-the-scenes stylists and umpteen photographers put on a show that was, well, one of the most awesome and inspiring I’ve ever experienced, and believe you me I’ve covered hundreds of global fashion weeks.

For a week the city of Maputo – not unlike the world-famous annual February carnival in Rio – exploded with all things fashionable, the streets were abuzz with fashionistas strutting their stuff, racing from one show to another, the resorts and hotels packed with 4500 visitors to accommodate the live shows. The atmosphere was palpable, the air electric and the energy tangible! No fashionista worth their salt would want to miss this event for the world.

Mozambique Fashion Week is the brainchild of visionary Vasco Rocha, a man who has been uniting Africa through his passion for Fashion over the past decades. These shows are legendary, they’re consistently electric in their boldness and glamorous extravagance, and in true style no stone was left unturned to make Fashion Week 2021 as epic as its predecessors. With personal touches like local music especially composed and performed for some of the shows, the spectacular venue for this year’s extravaganza was the stylish Indy Village with its gigantic central pool. Previous venues have included extraordinary and memorable locations like the iconic Polana Hotel in the centre of Maputo, Independence Roundabout and a custom-built ‘space capsule’ as runway (a la Alexander McQueen’s London ‘cloud’ bubble in 2021).

Visitors to the shows arrived from across the world to pay homage to this epic week in the African Fashion calendar. Esteemed guests from the Irish, British, and Swiss embassies attended, as well as the Japanese ambassador. The legendary after party post-show was unforgettable (albeit a tad more modest due to covid restrictions), with participants and onlookers joining in and celebrating the feat that was fashion week around the pool, paying tribute to what is yet another creative feather in the cap of this friendly nation.

In true style, weeks before fashion week started, the organisers released this taster to whet the appetite, and the actual shows were a true reflection of this bold little sampler.

The behind-the-scenes experience was almost as captivating as the shows themselves! Glamorous models, stylists, hair and beauty artists, photographers and designers rubbed shoulders backstage to work their magic pre-shows, laying on an unrivalled set of runway shows. Without further ado, let’s go…




Stylist: Chibaia, Model: Rosa José, Photographer: Jen Dorre
A gorgeous off-the-shoulder printed top and matching hat ensemble


Stylist: Mabenna, Model: Shanaya Percella, Photographer Paolo Alexandre
Sparkly eyes and dramatic make-up


Stylist: OOB Wear and Noki, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Tattoos and camouflage!


Stylist: Nelson Guttu, Model:Mertina, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
A hair and beauty extravaganza


Model: Salomão Mazivila, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
An emerald green gown, silver lips and yellow nails – perfection!


MFW 2021 Campaign Shoot, Stylist: MFW, Model: Shelby dos Santos, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
African tie-dye in this two-tone shirt


Stylist: Zaveta Del Arte, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
A throwback to 2020 – typical African vibrancy and extravagance


Stylist: Zavetta Del Arte, Model: Shelby dos Santos, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
2020 – 2021 Campaign Shoot


Stylist: Portugal – Michaela Oliveira, Model: Portugal – Rita Pereira, Photographer: Simon Deiner
A lacy body-hugging dress and flamboyant African print headpiece




Stylist: Mabenna, Model: Camila José, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Glamour backstage


Stylist: Nelson Guttu, Model: Tose, Mertina, Madania Patrícia, Photographer: Paulo Alenxandre
Pre-show chats!


Stylist: Japan – Kyuten Kawashima, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
A restrained palette of monochromes being checked over by the stylist


Stylist: Makapulana, Model: Yumna Eduardo, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Shoes, hats, ballgowns backstage


Stylist: Makapulana, Model: Mertina, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Corset help!


Model: Shelby dos Santos, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
It’s all in the detail!


Vodacom Challenge, Stylist: Rose Diamond, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Red netted pants about to hit the runway


Vodacom Challenge, Stylist: Miranda Designs, Model: Chantel Tomo, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
A striking headpiece to crown this outfit


Vodacom Challenge, Model: Hawagi Faquira, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Ladies in red! Backstage shenanigans


Stylist: OOB Wear and Noki, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
African basket hat, earrings and sunspecs – a cheery sunshine palette


Stylist: Mabenna, Model: Shanaya Percella, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Theatrical elegance and gorgeous make-up


Model: Zeca Nhamue, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Elegantly beaded hair


Stylist: Mabenna, Model: Elka Karina, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Pearls, daisies and red lips


Stylist: Mabenna, Model: Celeste António, Camila José e Carla Ofice, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Behind-the-scenes looking as glamorous as the runway!


Stylist: Nelson Guttu, Model: Negra Ballah, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
A body-hugging organza shirt and a big smile – what more do you need?


Stylist: Cuccla, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Beautiful smiles! A bevy of beauties backstage


Stylist: Cuccla, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Whimsical accessories


Model: Octavio Scofield, Gervasio e Shanaya Percella, Photographer:Paulo Alexandre
Almost ready!


Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
It’s shoe heaven


Stylist: Young Designer – Karm Design, Model: Leonilde Tembe, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Tulles and feathers in this spectacular ballgown, ready to hit the runway


Stylist: Filorde, Model: Chantel Tomo, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Beautiful local prints in this asymmetrical top on the model


Model: Zubeida Carimo, Hamida Camal, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Kiss kiss, but please don’t spoil the make-up!


Stylist: Young Designer – Isa Stacy, Model: Luana Ismael, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
It IS all fun and games, really!


Social Responsibility Campaign – Every Human, by Being Human, is Beautiful, Model: Anifa Langa, Juvenio Rachide, Marcia Pereira, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Colour, colour and more colour!


Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Backstage wizards in action


Ready to rock the runway!

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Stylist: Young Designer – Célia Mate, Model: Cinzia Lheco, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Shades and a floral patchwork shirt-dress


Stylist: Cuccla, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Earring/necklace magic


Stylist:Young Designer – Célia Mate, Model: Hamida Camal, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Pointy-toe strappy mules and florals


Stylist: Baco Baco, Artist: Camilo, Photographer: Jen Dorre
Suave menswear and watch, ring and hat


Stylist: Fahed Gaspar, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Last minute instructions


Stylist: Young Designer – Isa Stacy, Model: Luana Ismael, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Footwear to complement the extraordinary ensembles




Futuristic gold for eyes

/Users/cecilepaul/Desktop/5396a8ef-26da-48b9-a6dc-d61fe83239a9 2.jpg

Model: Zeca Nhamue, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Sculptural men’s hair


Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Hair got the stylist treatment


Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Hair and make-up artists creating their magic


Stylist: Young Designer – Singano, Model: Juvenio Rachide, Photographer: Jen dorre
Clean shaven to complement the beauty of the exotic prints


Model: Yumna Eduardo, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
A hair moment!


Stylist: Young Designer – CBN, Model: Gisela Nhate, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Twists and plats do justice to a stunning floral range

/Users/cecilepaul/Desktop/74ae7ad3-83e0-4a35-b59b-7b411e5b2e73 2.jpg

Model: Alice, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Salt and pepper hair shades complement the outfits beautifully


Model:Hamida Camal, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
It’s all in a million dollar smile!

/Users/cecilepaul/Desktop/61966165-e4a5-41ac-8b93-1157421b128d 2.jpg

Model:Yumna Eduardo, Alice, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
A large plat and bandanna work well together


Model: Luana Ismael, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Keep smiling, keep calm and carry on!

/Users/cecilepaul/Desktop/eb156cd0-3287-46e8-8ead-7a7dd06df0de 2.jpg

Model: Chantel Tomo, Hamida Camal, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
There’s even time for a quick pose backstage


Stylist: RSA: The BAM Collective, Model: Rosa José, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Extraordinary facial embellishments at BAM Collective




Model: Shanaya Percella, Hamida Camal: Paulo Alexandre
Legs, legs and more legs!


Model: Shanaya Percella, Hamida Camal, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Front row legs – fashionistas and their stilettos


Model: Hamida Camal, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Glamour, glitz and dizzyingly high heels – welcome to the shows!


Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Runways that rock


Photographer: Simon Deiner
A throwback to another epic runway: 2013


Stylist: MFW, Model: MC – Ana Gisela
Making a statement in a sweeping racing green ensemble


Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
The stage is set … ready for magic to happen


Artist: Dama do Bling, Photographer: St Louis Studio
A throwback to 2013’s extravagant location


Stylist: Xibonecana, Model: Neyza Ossumane, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
Testing out the runway, 2020


A throwback to 2006, Stage Young Designers’ stage


Model Leonor
A throwback to the shows being held at the extravagant Polana Hotel


Space capsule runway, 2013


Model: Camila José, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
In the limelight, pre-show



The wonderful Indy Village with its glistening pool hosted the shows and most of the designers and their entourages in 2021. The food, entertainment and music were second to none.




Stylist: Omar Adelino, Artist: Onesia, Photographer: Paulo Alexandre
One of many promotional graphics for these fabulous shows







Artist: Real Divas, Photographer: Jen Dorre
Local talent as entertainment at the shows



What would fashion week be without its epic post-shows after parties? Well, in this town music and relaxation go hand-in-hand with the hard work put into the shows, right? Mozambique Fashion Week’s parties are legendary – lights, music, the performers … the vibe is out of this world, and evidently yet another opportunity to display the week’s incredible fashion inspiration!


DJs having fun


It’s a place to see and be seen!

Fun, fun and more fun!


The vibe is electric


Jazz has a place too, at Fashion Week


Photographer: Dino Moran
What a way to end an epic week! A throwback to festivities on the beach, 2011

Look out for PART 2 of our MOZAMBIQUE FASHION WEEK coverage to experience the epic FASHION!

With Huge Thanks to Mozambique Fashion Week, Vasco Rocha and Milvia Kruger.


Cecile Paul

Author at Pynck

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