Pre Fall 2022 – Color is the New Black

Pre Fall 2022 designers radiate vibrant hues to give us a joyful fashion shot in the arm for 2022.

PreFall 2022 Color is the New Black horizontal image 12-21.JPG

Ombré  tones in every shade of an Ibiza sunset by Oscar de la Renta. Donatella goes head to toe bold for Versace. No fear of color at Ferragamo for menswear. All image credits:

PreFall 2022 oscar floral sequins.jpg

Plain is so yesterday. A riot of botanicals with silver sequin leggings at Oscar de la Renta.

PreFall 2022 Oscar 3 models cropped.jpg

Retro crop tops and houndstooth minis at Oscar de la Renta.

PreFall 2022 oscar purple sash cropped use this.jpg

Glowing lingerie inspired eveningwear with elegant sheer swaths of color. Oscar de la Renta.

PreFall 2022 oscar long blk gown cropped.jpg

OK. If you’re going to stick with black for a formal night out it’s got to be exceptional. Totally textured at Oscar de la Renta.

PreFall 2022 Oscar turg dress cropped use this.jpg

A fabulous pouf of turquoise. Oscar de la Renta.

PreFall 2022 Oscar long caftan color cropped use this.jpg

Flowing caftan in magnificent ombré shades. Oscar de la Renta.

PreFall 2022 oscar long train gown cropped.jpg

When wearing this gown, one must rush up the staircase to allow the yards and yards of gossamer chiffon to billow and swirl, creating the impression of a fairy princess. Swoon worthy by designers Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia for Oscar de la Renta.

PreFall 2022 Tory Burch sundress orange cropped horizontal.jpg

1950’s era plaid redefined for a charming, form fitting summer dress by Tory Burch.

PreFall 2022 Tory Burch ruched top cropped.jpg

Tory Burch’s asymmetrical bodice and smocked midriff summer dress, easygoing and unexpected.

PreFall 2022 Tory Burch off shldr cropped.jpg

Tory Burch crafts a carefree summer dress with the allusion of a corset. Halter bodice and off the shoulder sleeves fashion a sophisticated silhouette.

PreFall 2022 tory burch brwn top cropped.jpg

Simple lines and a graceful curved waistline form a stylish and chic sun dress. Tory Burch.

PreFall 2022 Versace 3 models cropped.jpg

Pulsing pattern overload at Versace.

PreFall 2022 Versace mens pink jkt cropped.jpg

Gentlemen prefer pink. Versace.

PreFall 2022 Versace signature print cropped.jpg

Iconic signature Versace prints are pure pizzazz. Note the keyhole necklines.

PreFall 2022 Versace knitwear.jpg

Bold Versace knitwear.

PreFall 2022 Versace fans 2 models cropped.jpg

Of course we’re big fans of Donatella Versace; who isn’t? Embellished minis with lingerie straps that let it show.

PreFall 2022 Ferragamo mens brwn pants cropped.jpg

Rich navy blue zip jacket and buttery brown leather trousers. Ferragamo menswear.

PreFall 2022 Ferragamo yellow purse cropped.jpg

The celebrated footwear and handbags of Ferragamo along with contemporary ready to wear.

PreFall 2022 Ferragamo leather skirt cropped.jpg

Button front navy silk blouse paired with lush textured wrap leather skirt. Ferragamo.

PreFall 2022 Ferragamo red swim dropped.jpg

High waisted swimwear in a deep ocher color with chunky slip on sandals. Ferragamo.

PreFall 2022 Markarian purple strapless cropped.jpg

Sweet and sexy strapless column dress with the tiniest ruffle at the waist in eye catching periwinkle blue, (the Pantone color of the year 2022.). Markarian by Alexandra O’Neill.

PreFall 2022 Markarian pink ruffle cropped.jpg

Fetching feminine tiered ruffle dress is the prettiest pink. Markarian by Alexandra O’Neill.

PreFall 2022 Markarian floral dress cropped.jpg

Like an abstract bouquet of sequin embellished flowers, this fashionable little dress creates a powerful sense of beauty. Markarian by Alexandra O’Neill.

PreFall 2022 Markarian stripe gown cropped.jpg

A delicate draped bodice and a graceful long line. Markarian by Alexandra O’Neill.

PreFall 2022 Markarian blue wht stripe cropped.jpg

Reworking a classic menswear Oxford cloth striped fabric, Alexandra O’Neill creates a charming summer gown in refreshing blue and white. Markarian.

Just say “yes” to color. It’s what we want and need right now. More Pre Fall 2022 coming soon!


Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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