Pre Fall Part 2, Pattern Power for Men and Women

You’re not ordinary so why should your clothing be? Pattern power is the way to leap right into 2022. Let the new exuberant fashions kick off your new year.

Pre Fall part 2 Pattern Power, 1-22.JPG

Totes, purses and crossbody bags in eye-catching patterns with a Native American flair, Tod’s. Norma Kamali, the Queen of Cool, brings energy and passion to her irresistible Pre-Fall collection. Tonal color blocks create subdued, classic patterns for menswear, Tod’s. All image credits:

PreFall 2022 tods cow print skirt cropped.jpg

Pinto Paint pony must have skirt by Tod’s.

PreFall 2022 tods navy blue mens cropped.jpg

Subtly textured navy outerwear coordinated with a modern version of a Greek fisherman’s cap. By designer Walter Chiapponi for Tod’s.

PreFall 2022 Tods womens jkt cropped.jpg

How amazing is this look? Leather gommino patches referencing the textured soles of Tod’s driving shoes on the sleeves of a denim jacket.

PreFall 2022 CJR strips of color cropped.jpg

Hold court in this multi-hued fringed ensemble by Christopher John Rodgers.

PreFall 2022 CJR pink long gown cropped.jpg

Sleek and slinky column dress in hot pink by Christopher John Rodgers.

PreFall 2022 CJR paint brush cropped horiz.jpg

Marker test oversized trench coat and full leg trousers by color master Christopher John Rodgers.

PreFall 2022 CJR lime gown cropped.jpg

Lime green pleated skirt over trousers. Christopher John Rodgers.

PreFall 2022 CJR sweater cropped.jpg

Luscious color mix sweater with coordinating rhinestone netting. Christopher John Rodgers.

PreFall 2022 st. john 2 pc ensemble purple cropped.jpg

St. John Knits, modernized. No longer your Granny’s go-to tweed jacket.

PreFall 2022 st. john, butter cream cropped.jpg

Fitted suit for the modern women, St. John Knits.

PreFall 2022 st. john blue white dress cropped.jpg

Understated button down color block gown. St. John Knits.

Chanel PreFall 12-21 bib dress cropped.jpg

Virginie Viard celebrated the fine art of craftsmanship for her Métiers d’Art collection for Chanel. Embroidered bib dress.

Chanel PreFall 12-21 blk wht cropped.jpg

The hand of the artisan can be seen in the intricate beading and sophisticated contrasts of this exquisite ensemble. Chanel.

Chanel PreFall 12-21 layers vogue cropped.jpg

Rich berry tones, embroidered and beaded knitwear. Chanel.

PreFall 2022 chanel orange blk cropped.jpg

Layers of texture, pattern and contrasting colors set this Chanel ensemble apart. The jewelry-look embroidery on the sleeves is exceptional.

PreFall 2022 chanel blue blk set cropped.jpg

On or off the range, this high society cowgirl with crystal encrusted trousers will turn heads. Chanel.

Chanel PreFall 12-21 purple sweater make-up cropped.jpg

Bold make-up; accentuated eyes, nude lips and tousled hair, check out the Chanel show to see more.

PreFall 2022 Philipp Plein turq leopard cropped for horiz.jpg

Philipp Plein creates finely crafted, edgy luxury apparel that speaks louder than words.

PreFall 2022 Philipp Plein multi dress cropped.jpg

Color patterns; multiple stripes of glittering sequins. The perfect dress to wear when you’re winning big in Monte Carlo. Philipp Plein.

PreFall 2022 Philipp Plein cut out gown cropped.jpg

Not your typical banker’s stripes. Cut-out slinky knit column gown. Philipp Plein.

PreFall 2022 Philipp Plein moto blk wht cropped.jpg

Rev up your motor in this dazzling luxe moto sport leather jacket and sequined trousers. Philipp Plein.

PreFall 2022 givenchy mens blk suit cropped.jpg

Givenchy designer Matthew M. Williams takes it down to minimalist lines of understated simplicity for elegant menswear.

PreFall 2022 Givenchy wht coat cropped.jpg

The masterfully tailored silhouette of this women’s trench coat is sleek and sophisticated. Givenchy.

PreFall 2022 givenchy red plaid cropped.jpg

Menswear by Givenchy. Plaid shirt with camo patterned trousers.

PreFall 2022 Givenchy women blk mini cropped.jpg

Less is more. Graphic lines of the paired down mini suit with peplum jacket for the working women. Givenchy.

PreFall 2022 L.V. mens skirt cropped (2) cropped.jpg

Graffiti motif jacket. Menswear by Louis Vuitton.

PreFall 2022 L.V. mens track suit purple cropped (2) cropped again.jpg

Rich royal leather track suit, Louis Vuitton.

Prefall 2022 L.V. mens sweater cropped again.jpg

Mixing pattern, color and texture by Louis Vuitton.

PreFall 2022 L.V. mens navy suit cropped again.jpg

Merging various shades of blue within the classic Louis Vuitton iconic pattern, designed by Virgil Alboh before his untimely passing.

Prefall norma k wide skirt cropped.jpg

Every dynamic silhouette, every color, every pattern fusion by Norma Kamali speaks of her cult status.

PreFall 2022 norma k mint cropped.jpg

Mint lapel gown by Norma Kamali.

PreFall 2022 norma k blk wht cropped.jpg

Power statement pattern dressing by Norma Kamali.

PreFall 2022 norma K red puffer cropped.jpg

Norma creates a puffer wrap over a brilliant one strap red gown.

PreFall 2022 norma k royal blue dress trumpet.jpg

Body con navy blue gown with a flaring trumpet skirt. Norma Kamali.

PreFall 2022 norma k yellow w blk tulle cropped.jpg

Classic A-line sunshine yellow dress with black tulle underskirt. Norma Kamali.

PreFall 2022 norma k navy sheer cropped.jpg

Sheer and sexy gown. Norma Kamali.

PreFall 2022 norma k 40s vibe suit lace cropped.jpg

Retro lace fitted suit with a 1940s vibe, a signature Norma Kamali silhouette.

Prefall 2022 norma k denim w tulle cropped.jpg

Puff sleeve denim jacket with full paneled skirt. The tulle underskirt shimmers with rhinestones. Norma Kamali.

PreFall 2022 norma k strapless navy gown w silver trim cropped.jpg

Chic black strapless gown with silver nail head trim. Norma Kamali.

PreFall 2022 norma k green leaves off shldr cropped.jpg

1940s style green leaf pattern highlights an attractive, flirty off the shoulder dress. Norma Kamali.

Prefall 2022 norma k lace bridal cropped.jpg

Let’s end this article like most designers will do on the runway, with the bride. Backless nude lace wedding gown. Demure from the front, racy from behind. That’s Norma Kamali, always enticing us with her innovative and spirited fashions.


Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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