Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2022-23, Christian Dior, Balmain, Patou and More Top Fashions

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From sweet and ladylike, to metallic body armor, Paris Fashion Week’s got you covered.

Paris 3 model horizontal 3-22.JPG

Magnificent Renaissance inspired ensemble by Christian Dior. Head to toe pink by Patou; well dressed fashion puppy not included. Golden body armor, Balmain. Image credit: unless noted.

Paris 3-22 dior new look suit kendam.jpg

The “New Look” of 1947 updated for the modern women. Dior.

Paris 3-22 dior wht bodice kendam.jpg

Maria Grazia Chiuri, artistic director of Dior teamed up with Italian start-up D-Air lab to create a series of garments that combine fashion with innovative textiles that protect the body.

Paris 3-22 dior metallic set kendam.jpg

Copper, gold, silver and brass. This metallic suit looks stunningly modern. Dior.

Paris 3-22 dior long skirt kendam.jpg

Delicate lace top with formal skirt. Dior.

Paris 3-22 dior yellow kendam.jpg

Dior. Elongated jacket with a golden glow.

Paris 3-22 dior blue coat kendam.jpg

Flattering denim-look raincoat. Dior.

Paris 3-22 dior plaid.jpg

Country meets the city plaid jacket with a 1950’s vibe over asymmetric hem skirt. Dior.

Paris 3-22 dior beige corset trench kendam.jpg

Trench with over-corset. Maria Grazia Chiuri’s genius is in the details. Dior.

Paris 3-22 dior grey lace kendam.jpg

Layers of pearl grey mesh and lace combine to form an exceptional dress. Dior.

Paris -3-22 dior moto gloves kendam.jpg

Full length halter gown with motocross style opera length gloves. Dior.

Paris 3-22 dior corset belt kendam.jpg

Retro Dior silhouette with fitted hourglass leather corset. Roger Vivier shoes.

Paris 3-22 dior grey lace metallic skirt kendam.jpg

Whisper soft knit top with metallic bronze pleated skirt. Dior.

Paris 3-22 dior light up kendam.jpg

Light-up bodysuit. Watch the incredible Dior runway show here.

Paris 3-22 coperni blue cut out dress kendam.jpg

Cut-out club dress by Coperni.

Paris 3-22 coperni blk w denim boot kendam.jpg

Open midriff suit with half denim jeans, attached with a buckle. Coperni.

Paris 3-22 coperni yellow coat kendam.jpg

Plush butter cream colored coat. Coperni.

Paris 3-22 coperni sheer sparkle dress kendam.jpg

Sheer keyhole mini with added sparkle. Coperni.

Paeis 3-22 Coperni jkt over head blue kendam.jpg

A pale blue menswear jacket with attached hoodie. Coperni.

Paris 3-22 paul smith pattern w solid kendam.jpg

Solid colors mixed with a vibrant pattern create a striking dress silhouette. Paul Smith.

Paris 3-22 paul smith pink suit kendam.jpg

Pink suit in must-have magenta. Paul Smith.

Paris 3-22 paul smith kelly grn kendam.jpg

Kelly green knit top with forest green trousers. Paul Smith.

Paris 3-22 paul smith pattern top kendam.jpg

Paul Smith brand is known for its exuberant pattern and color mix.

Paris 3-22 paul smith grn leather trench kendam.jpg

Green and blue floral trench with leather bodice and collar. Paul Smith.

Paris 3-22 paul smith long purple jkt kendam.jpg

Understated chic. Long aubergine leather jacket with trousers. Paul Smith.

Paris 3-22 chloe color panels kendam.jpg

Pulsating patches of color, Chloé.

Paris 3-22 chloe orange kendam.jpg

Attractive scalloped leather vest, Chloé.

Paris 3-22 chloe peach jumper kendam.jpg

Warm shades of apricot and peach create a striking ensemble. Chloé.

Paris 3-22 chloe mountain swtr kendam.jpg

Knit ensemble with a mountain scene. Chloé.

Paris 3-22 chloe leather kendam.jpg

Off the shoulder knit dress with midriff cut-outs. Chloé.

Paris 3-22 chloe ombre poncho kendam.jpg

Cozy hombre poncho in sunset tones. Chloé. Watch the entire runway show here.

Paris 3-22 rick owens fur kendam.jpg

Rick Owens presented his collection through the mist of a fog machine. Watch the entire runway show here.

Paris 3-22 rick owens pink kendam.jpg

Rick Owens. Madama Butterfly goes puffer.

Paris 3-33 rick owens smokey kendam.jpg

Python-look wrap around puffer. Rick Owens.

Paris 3-22 rick owens orange caot kendam.jpg

Fabulous coral and burnt umber coat. Rick Owens.

Paris 3-33 patou grn w lambo kendam.jpg

Olive green quilted jacket and full skirt by Patou. Love the vintage Lamborghini Countach.

Paris 3-22 patou pink w pup.jpg

Designer pup completes the lavender ensemble. Patou.

Paris 3-22 patou thigh high boots kendam.jpg

Well, if you really want to go fly fishing in this charming quilted suit…Patou.

Paris 3-22 Patou lav w pup kendam.jpg

Fluffy fleece cropped hoodie, fitted trousers and coordinated puppy.

Paris 3-22 patou on pic w lambo kendam.jpg

Patou power shorts.

Paris 3-22 patou collr w pup kendam.jpg

Embroidered Pilgrim collar blouse accessorized with tiny Patou pooch.

Paris 3-22 uma wang fur bear look kendam cropped.jpg

Uma Wang. Lush fur combines with magnificent golden silk trousers.

Paris 3-22 uma wang brwn kendam slvs cropped.jpg

Uma Wang brand is known for innovative tailoring and cutting-edge silhouettes. This updated Medieval sleeve has been seen on a number of runways.

Paris 3-22 uma wang 2 tone jkt kendam cropped.jpg

Uma Wang. Burgundy over taupe jacket and raw seam trousers.

Paris 3-22 uma wang burg velvet top kendam cropped.jpg

Glorious burgundy velvet top with full plaid trousers. Uma Wang

Paris 3-22 uma wang fur slvs. kendam cropped.jpg

Sophisticated combination of colors and textures. Uma Wang. Watch the Fall/Winter 2022-23 runway show here.

Christian Louboutin cabaret show Fall 2022 Paris youtube (2) cropped.JPG

Christian Louboutin introduced his new footwear collection in the form of a cabaret show.

Paris 3-22 isabel marant overalls kendam.jpg

Isabel Marant rich sienna color leather overalls accessorized with thigh high boots.

Paris 3-22 isabel marant hot pink coat kendam.jpg

Isabel Marant. The coziest magenta cowl sweater.

Paris 3-22 isabel marant silver top kendam.jpg

Isabel Marant. Party ready silver velvet top.

Paris 3-22 isabel marant orange kendam.jpg

Isabel Marant. Cut-outs on a bright orange sweater. Watch the full runway show here.

Paris 3-22 balmain blk wht dress kendam.jpg

Olivier Rousteing has been the creative director of Balmain since 2011. This gifted designer continues to make fashion history.

Paris 3-22 balmain womens leather kendam.jpg


Paris 3-22 balmain white fur coat kendam.jpg

Balmain. Hollywood glamour.

Paris 3-22 balmain mens star wars kendam.jpg

Menswear by Balmain.

Paris 3-22 balmain womens blk wht stripe kendam.jpg

Iconic Balmain for women.

Paris 3-22 balmain mens the modern tux kendam.jpg

The new, contemporary tuxedo for the modern man. Balmain.

Paris 3-22 balmain robo top kendam.jpg

Balmain body amor.

Paris 3-22 balmain wht lace sheer kendam.jpg

Protective padding and lace. Balmain.

Paris 3-22 mend robor jkt kendam.jpg

Balmain with a motor sports vibe. Note the sky high platform shoes.

Paris 3-22 balmain mens kendam.jpg

Leather and denim menswear. Balmain.

Paris 3-22 balmain lace and football padding kendam cropped.jpg

Delicate lace combined with football style body protection. Balmain.

Paris 3-22 balmain grey bodice kendam.jpg

Silver quilted corset-like vest. Balmain.

Paris 3-22 balmain mens blk wht kendam.jpg

Balmain brand. The essence of modern cool. Treat yourself and watch the Balmain Fall/Winter 2022 runway show here.



Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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