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Banter, Prank, Adventures

Jamie Redknapp and Freddie Flintoff are on tour. Joined by an all-star cast, they’ll face some crazy challenges. It’ll be a wild ride.

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Puppy Power

Can Ryder and the pups stop Mayor Humdinger from turning Adventure City into a state of chaos? Will they be all bark and no bite? Every puppy has its day.

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A 90-minute white-knuckle ride…

Man City thumped in seven against a struggling Leeds side the last time these two met. Under new management, can Leeds ruin City’s title race?
The heat is on.

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PJs at the ready…

Full of cute and cuddly animals, this show will wrap your child in a warm blanket of reassurance as they wind down for bed. It’s time for sweet dreams.

Available 29 April

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And three-wheeled scam

Liz Carmichael dreamt of creating a fuel-efficient car that would compete with Detroit’s Big three. Would her plan work, or would someone stop her in her tracks?

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