Paraiso Miami Beach Swim Week, the HOTTEST swimwear ticket in town!

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You thought the temperature was raising around the world? Yes, you’d be right. But nowhere was it as steamy, sultry and sizzling hot as in Miami Beach during Paraiso Swim Week. Turn on your AC at full blast and enjoy the best of women’s and men’s swimwear like you’ve never seen it before.

SWIM Miami 7-22 horizontal image.JPG

Sexy one piece by Toxic Sadie, a brand featured in the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Collection. Men’s swim brief by Mr. Turk. Ruffled off the shoulder two piece by B Fyne. Stunning metallic gold trikini by Liliana Montoya.

Swim Toxic Sadie 2 pc thong seen in S.I. 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Ivory thong bikini by Toxic Sadie, featured in Sports Illustrated. Must-have bucket hat completes the look.

Swim Toxic Sadie 2 pc pink stripe seen in S.I. 7-22 (3) cropped.jpg

Tiny multi-color bikini by Toxic Sadie, featured in Sports Illustrated.

Swim Toxic Sadie black i pc. 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Bold trikini by Toxic Sadie.

Swim Toxic Sadie orange as seen in S.I. 7-22 (2) horizontal cropped.jpg

The editors of Sports Illustrated have certainly positioned the trikini silhouette front and center. Toxic Sadie swimsuit.

Swim B fyne blue 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

The high waisted 2 piece suit continues to be seen on all runways. B Fyne.

Swim B fyne yellow tie up 7-22 (2) cropped front.jpg

The B Fyne brand is known for intricately crafted luxury swimwear.

Swim b fyne yellow from back 7-22 (2) cropped back.jpg

You needed to experience the back view of this “wow” swimsuit. B Fyne.

Swim b fyne purple w ties 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Purple passion by B Fyne.

Swim B fyne red 2pc 7-22 (2) cropped high rise bottom.jpg

This looks like a swimsuit Wonder Woman might wear. B Fyne.

swim b fyne zebra 1 shldr 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

One shoulder zebra print suit with coordinating head wrap. B Fyne.

Swim B fyne caftan 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

The B Fyne brand is also well known for their use of glorious prints and lavish caftans. Watch the B Fyne runway video here.


Swim Norma Kamali leopard w nude 1 pc. 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Jane wouldn’t have needed to search all over the jungle for Tarzan if she’d been wearing this little swimsuit. Leopard and nude one piece by Norma Kamali.

swim norma kamali 40s retro 2 pc 7-22 (2) cropped retro.jpg

Norma Kamali brings a 1940’s retro vibe to many of her designs.

swim Norma Kamali goddess mini dress 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

The Goddess swimsuit by Norma Kamali.

Swim Norma Kamali red draped 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

A classic draped swimsuit by Norma Kamali.

swim norma kamali blk sheer retro 1 pc. 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

The ultimate 1940’s pin-up girl swimsuit. Norma Kamali.

Swim Luli Fama 2 models turq terry 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

One of the top swimwear brands is Luli Fama. Both models are sporting swimwear and après swim with ensembles created from terry or toweling, an up-trending fabric is the swimwear market.

swim luli fama halter 7-22 .jpg

Luli Fama 2 piece halter.

Swim Luli Fama 2 pc striped 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Striped bikini with golden hardware details. Luli Fama.

Swim Luli Fama blue 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Lingerie influenced underwire bra style tops are always up-trending. Luli Fama.

Swim Luli Fama pk bucket hat 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Groovy 70’s prints were seen on many runways. This cute bikini with ruched back Brazilian bottom is by Luli Fama. A runway show you won’t want to miss, watch the Luli Fama show here.


swim Shine lai long slv blue wht 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Optional sleeves create added interest on this pretty swimsuit by Shine Lai, a brand based in Hong Kong.

Swim shine lai ruffle top 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Ladylike ruffles by Shine Lai.

swim shine lai long skirt 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Shine Lai, 3 piece ensemble with coordinated skirt.

swim mr turk mens blue board shorts 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Bold graphics on board shorts by Mr. Turk.

swim mr turk swim brief wht 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Mr. Turk is a well know luxury menswear swim brand.

swim mr turk mens blue yellow 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Arresting geometric print trunks, Mr. Turk.

swim mr turk mens colorful trunks 7-22 (2) cropped horizontal.jpg

Colorful horizontal stripes on sleek swim trunks. Mr. Turk.

swim mr turk mens brief pink 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Pink swimwear, always up-trending for both men and women. Mr. Turk.

swim mr turk pink pattern 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Mr. Turk swim brief in a colorful print.

swim mr turk colorful brief 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

It’s all about making a bold statement. Men’s swim brief by Mr. Turk.

swim mr turk navy print 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Navy print men’s swim briefs by Mr. Turk.

swim liliana multi color bikini 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Classic bikini in all the rainbow colors. Liliana Montoya.

swim liliana wht tri kinit 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Liliana Montoya. Deep plunge one piece.

swim Liliana tri kini zebra 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Trikini tigress with peek-a-boo zipper. Liliana Montoya.

swim liliana pink heart bikini 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Pink, the up-trending color for both apparel and swimwear. Perfect for a bandeau bikini accented with a heart. Liliana Montoya. The runway show was exceptional. Watch it here.


swim la gotta one pice strapless print 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

La Gotta, a sustainable brand that was featured in Sports Illustrated.

swim la gotta blk wht 1 shldr back 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

La Gotta fabrics are UV protective.

swim La Gotta as seen in S.I. show 7-22 bird (2) cropped.jpg

UV protective as well as a dramatic silhouette and charming nature print, La Gotta.

swim la gotta bridal pearl swimsuit 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

A bridal swimsuit adorned with pearls, La Gotta.

SWIM la Gotta as seen in S. I. one pc orange 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

La Gotta tangerine print trikini worn during the Sports Illustrated swimwear runway show. Watch it here.


Swim sports Ill silver 2 pc 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Pewter triangle bikini. Sports Illustrated swimwear model. See them all.

Swim sports illu blue wht stripe 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Nautical in blue and white. Sports Illustrated swimwear model. See them all.

Swim Sports Ill gingham 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Adorable mix of gingham. Sports Illustrated swimwear model. See them all.

Swim Sports Ill crochet 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Delicate crochet swimsuits were spotted on a number of runways. Sports Illustrated swimwear model. See them all.

Swim Sports Ill gold cut out 7-22 cropped use this.jpg

Golden cut-out swimsuit accents all the curves. Sports Illustrated swimwear model. See them all.

SWIM maye Musk S.I. swimsuit model 2 tone 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Elegant peach and ivory ruffles. Sports Illustrated swimwear model. See them all.

swim sports ill tie up .jpg 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Tie-up bronze bikini. Sports Illustrated swimwear model. See them all.

Swim Noire g l on boat 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

The perfect bikini for onboard the yacht. Noire by Genese Legere.

Swim noire g l sequin bikini 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Sparkling sequin bikini with an unusual money pattern. Noire by Genese Legere.

Swim Noire g l mens python 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Python men’s swim trunks by Noire by Genese Legere.

Swim Roda soleil i pc print 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

If Cleopatra wanted to protect her skin from the harsh rays of the sun she would have worn this Rodasoleil swimsuit.

swim roda soleil leopard UV protect 7-22 (2) cropped.jpg

Smart and sexy swimwear. UV protective and sustainably produced. Rodasoleil.

Swim Roda soleil 3 models UV protect (2) cropped.jpg

Environmentally friendly, no tan lines and beautifully designed. Swimwear by Rodasoleil.

SWIM kittensih youtube video end 7-22 (2) end of article cropped .JPG

Kittenish swim brand on the runway. Watch the wild video here.


We’ve reached the end of our swimsuit article. Paraiso Miami Beach is now behind us. But have no fear! We’ll be there next time to bring you the best and hottest swimsuits for men and women. Keep your eyes peeled for more!

Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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