Digiday International – Function of Beauty expands retail partnerships in U.K. and Canada

Function of Beauty expands retail partnerships in U.K. and Canada

Customized hair product brand Function of Beauty is expanding its brick-and-mortar presence beyond the United States.

After a 2020 launch in U.S. Target stores, the company is looking into both the U.K. and Canadian markets. Its first retail partnerships are with Cult Beauty and Drugs Mart, putting it in over 1,000 stores globally.

The company first launched as online-only but has been slowly making retail expansions. This latest launch showcases the company’s global ambitions.



Why a 4-day week is proving more economical for employees as the cost of living rises

The four-day week work is gaining steam around the world, and many workers are finding it beneficial at a time when costs are rising.

WorkLife spoke with employees at various businesses that have saved money thanks to having the extra day off. One U.K. developer, for example, has saved £200 per week on childcare alone thanks to the four-day work week.



‘The sponsorship model is broken’: On co-founder Caspar Coppetti on building a premium athletic brand that rivals the giants

Swiss sportswear brand On has become an international sensation. The company’s most recent quarterly revenue hit around $307 million, and it has big plans to continue growing.

On the Modern Retail Podcast this week, On co-founder Caspar Coppetti spoke about the company’s origins and how it differentiates itself as a premium brand in a sea of Nike and Adidas.



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