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Winner’s Circle

Yes, it’s an honor just to be nominated—but surely it’s even better to actually win? For months, our Awards Insider team has been tracking all the great shows and performances in the mix at the Emmys tonight. They’re now prepared to tell you who and what will take home the gold. Here’s a taste from the particularly strong drama-series category: “As with so much of the TV industry these days, this category effectively comes down to HBO versus Netflix. Will the prestige-TV hitmaker reign once again with Succession, which won the last time it was eligible? Or will Netflix, which finally won this category for the first time last year with The Crown, hang in there with its surprise global smash Squid Game, or maybe even departing Emmy favorite Ozark?” The team answers these questions and more, so get ready for an exciting night.

Elsewhere in Hollywood, we’ve got your Emmys ballot ready to go; Eddie Redmayne, who stars in the unusual, unnerving true-crime movie The Good Nurse with Jessica Chastain, gives VF’s David Canfield a candid interview about where he’s been and where he still hopes to go as an actor; Richard Lawson reviews Steven Spielberg’s semi-autobiographical new movie, The Fabelmans, which just got a rousing response at the Toronto International Film Festival; and we hunt for Easter eggs in the latest episode of House of the Dragon.

Predicting the Emmys

We’re not going to lie: We want Bob Odenkirk to win, but here’s what’s most likely going to happen in all tonight’s categories.

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X Marks the Spot

Here’s your Emmys ballot for tonight. Pencil not included.

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Eddie, Set, Go

Redmayne transforms himself again in The Good Nurse. He talks to us about what he wants from his career.

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Portrait of the Artist

Steven Spielberg’s new movie, The Fablemans, illuminates a lot about the director’s childhood, as well as his passion for movies.

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Easter Egg Hunt

House of the Dragon continues to drop clues and references. We’re on the trail.

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