Chanel Takes Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023

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Also featuring Thom Browne, Louis Vuitton, Lanvin and Balenciaga.

Paris 10-22 Chanel horiz image.JPG

Virginie Viard for Chanel sends one stunning ensemble after another down the runway with breathtaking virtuosity during Paris FW, Spring/Summer 2023. All images unless noted.

Paris 10-22 chanel-elegant (3) cropped.jpg

Masterful satin label floral jacket coordinated with embellished sheer pajama pants.

Paris 10-22 -chanel-blk wht (3) cropped.jpg

Elegant graphic maxi dress creates a long, lean silhouette.

Paris 10-22 chanel-one shldr sweater (2).jpg

Stunning one shoulder knit top with gold lamé skirt, accented with modified panniers.

Paris 10-22 chanel-slogo dress (2).jpg

Glorious ensemble highlighting the subtle Chanel double – C logo.

Paris 10-22 chanel-off shldr (2).jpg

Feminine off the shoulder frock by

Paris 10-22 -chanel-grey suit (2).jpg

Black, ivory, soft pastels as well as classic Chanel tweeds and wispy ostrich feathers featured heavily in this landmark collection.

Paris 10-22-chanel-spring-blk sequins (2).jpg

Sweet sequin and cardigan ensemble.

Paris 10-22 chanel-speach check pants (2).jpg

Classic pale peach gingham pantsuits layered with strands of gold jewelry.

Paris 10-22 chanel-why gown (3).jpg

Sophisticated lace sheath gown accented with black satin ribbon and oversized cuff bracelets.

Paris 10-22 chanel-blk gown (2).jpg

An attractive bow top and a sheer drop waist skirt are subtle twists on the classic Chanel signature style.

Paris 10-22 chanel-shoe detail (2) cropped.jpg

Trend alert! Silver mesh over patent leather Chanel petite bow enhanced heels. Watch for these shoes to be copied elsewhere. The creative director of Chanel since 2019, Virginie Viard worked closely with Karl Lagerfeld since 1987. Her pioneering creativity and expertise with couture and the Chanel brand is now legendary.

Watch the must-see Chanel Spring/Summer 2023 runway show here.

Paris 10-22 -lanvin-mens turq suit (2).jpg

Smashing turquoise suit with hidden buttons by Lanvin. Menswear goes Mod with artistic director Bruno Sialelli at the helm.

Paris 10-22 lanvin-sorange coat (2).jpg

Bold pumpkin leather cloak over a hooded bodysuit. Lanvin.

Paris 10-22 lanvin silver (2).jpg

Woven silver mesh top coordinated with silver patterned multi-slit maxi skirt. Lanvin.

Paris 10-22 -lanvin-mens jkt (2) cropped.jpg

Richly embroidered jacket over shorts. Lanvin.

Paris 10-22 -lanvin-syellow dress (2).jpg

Lingerie inspired mini in the softest of pale yellows. Lanvin.

Paris 10-22 -lanvin-swht mini (2).jpg

What initially looks like a simple shift dress is actually intricately gathered at the bodice for a sophisticated effect. Lanvin.

Paris 10-22 -lanvin-mens polka dot raincoat (3) cropped.jpg

Irreverent blue polka dots on a fun menswear leather coat. Lanvin.

Paris 10-22 lanvin-gren dress (2).jpg

Delicately draped mint chiffon mini accessorized with a net bucket hat. Lanvin.

Paris 10-22 -lanvin-sblk dress (2).jpg

Skillfully pleated bodice and exquisite tailoring craft an electrifying understated stunner of a gown. Lanvin.

Watch the lovely Lanvin Spring/Summer 2023 Youtube runway show here.

Paris 10-22 -thom-browne-quilted coat (2) cropped.jpg

A night at the opera. Magnificent cloak fit for an empress by Thom Browne.

Paris 10-22 -thom-browne-yellow (2).jpg

Festooned in fabric flowers. Thom Browne.

Paris 10-22 -thom-browne-red wht blue (2).jpg

Patriotic red, white and blue opera cloak. Thom Browne.

Paris 10-22 -thom-browne-polka dots (2).jpg

Fanciful menswear by Thom Browne.

Paris 10-22 thom-browne- grn (2).jpg

Pale green ensemble by Thom Browne.

Paris 10-22 -thom-browne-puff (2).jpg

Exquisitely embroidered gown by Thom Browne.

Paris 10-22 thom-browne-spink purple (3).jpg

Eclectic patterns and colors by Thom Browne.

Paris 10-22 -thom-browne-sred poodle (2).jpg

A new look for the crinoline poodle skirt. Thom Browne.

Paris 10-22 thom-browne-navy mini (2) cropped.jpg

Amazing cropped jacket with tails and cheerleader skirt. Thom Browne.

Watch the wild Thom Browne runway show here.

Paris 10-22 balenciaga-neon grn (2).jpg

It’s all about the texture. Neon green maxi dress at Balenciaga.

10-22 -balenciaga-smens ripped jeans (2) cropped.jpg

Tattered and torn at Balenciaga.

Paris 10-22 -balenciaga-mens mesh (2) cropped.jpg

Mesh for men continues to pop up on the runways. Balenciaga.

Paris 10-22 -balenciaga-red (2) cropped.jpg

Pleated red gown by Balenciaga.

Paris 10-22 -balenciaga-pink squiggle (2) cropped.jpg

Does this fantastic squiggle scarf remind you of a squirt of pink mustard on a hot dog? Balenciaga.

Paris 10-22 -balenciaga-pink (2) cropped.jpg

Twisted sister. Pink gown by Balenciagia. Georgian fashion designer Demna Gvasalia is the creative director of Balenciaga. He felt he could not be optimistic in the times we currently live in and had his models slog through ankle deep mud during the runway show.

Watch the Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2023 show here to fully appreciate the mud runway.

Paris 10-22 louis-vuitton-cargo pkts (2) cropped.jpg

Mega cargo pockets at Louis Vuitton.

Paris 10-22 louis-vuitton-grn dress (2).jpg

Giant Kelly green pleats at Louis Vuitton.

Paris 10-22 -louis-vuitton-sgiant coat (2).jpg

The land of oversized hardware. Louis Vuitton.

Paris 10-22 -louis-vuitton-sprinted dress (2).jpg

Humongous buttons on a retro mini. Louis Vuitton.

Paris 10--2 louis-vuitton-sblue (2).jpg

Enormous belt and zipper over lovely sky blue textured jumpsuit. Louis Vuitton.

Paris 10-22 louis-vuitton-printed suit (2).jpg

Patterned pants suit. Louis Vuitton.

Paris 10-22 -louis-vuitton-scap slv (2) cropped.jpg

Romantic mix of leather and lace combine with a sequined skirt by Louis Vuitton.

Paris 10-22 louis-vuitton-giant zipper (2).jpg

Nicolas Ghesquière, creative director of Louis Vuitton supersized his hardware and accessories to play with the proportions of the garments. The giant zippers are the largest ever produced. These exaggerated silhouettes may initially seem off kilter to us, but remember, luxury fashion brands must be immediately identifiable. Bold logos and massive hardware and zippers say Louis Vuitton from across a crowded room.

Watch the Hollywood designed Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2023 fashion show here.

Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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