Design & Crafts Council Ireland launches ‘Made Local, Made to Last’ campaign

THE ‘Made Local, Made to Last’ pop-up exhibition has opened to the public until Thursday 13 October at Hen’s Teeth store, gallery and café in Dublin Ireland.

The free exhibition open from 10am to 5pm GMT promises a vibrant, immersive experience highlighting the importance of buying more sustainable products while inspiring consumers to think about buying Irish, particularly from makers across the country in the run-up to Christmas and throughout the year. Key elements within the exhibition focus on costs per item use and mindful consumption.

“The Made Local campaign is the leading and best supported consumer campaign for Irish-made design and craft with over 1,700 retailers and makers involved,” said DCCI Chief Executive Rosemary Steen. “We believe it’s here to stay and our new tagline, ‘Made Local, Made to Last’ is what consumers can look out for when searching for the very best of Irish made craft and design.”

The Made Local initiative is one positive result of the pandemic, developed by DCCI to boost sales and drive revenue for both makers and retailers. There are currently 1,355 makers and 350 retailers involved in the campaign and participating numbers are expected to grow due to the positive impact already experienced in rising sales for well-crafted, Irish-made products.

Added Rosemary Steen: “The nationwide campaign will highlight the importance of supporting your local design and craft community and buying sustainably.”

For more information on Irish craft and design see or follow @dccireland and #MadeLocal.


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Image credits: Design & Crafts Council Ireland

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