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FRAGRANCE, that collection of heady, subtle, soft, sweet, fresh memory-invoking scents that propel us towards the emotions they evoke, the aroma of memories, of holidays and special times, or simply towards what each and every day brings.

The Brown Thomas floral family of fragrances are perfect for embracing romance and feminity

The Brown Thomas Floral Family, perfect for embracing romance and femininity

Brown Thomas has curated a collection of fragrances in perfumes and home scents that will simplify, even make sense, so to speak of the leading aroma families. Are you a floral person, or will your nearest and dearest love to receive a gift of the scent of romance? Then there is a collection for you. Or could you be a woody person? Then you might choose from the earthy collection inspired by the scents of wood – resinous, deeply rooted in moss and leaves.

Comforting and warming, the Woody Family at Brown Thomas is earthy and opulent

The Amber Family collection by Brown Thomas is for the adventurous and ambitious, rich, sensual, exotic and intense

Or choose amber, rich and sensual aroma for the adventurous and ambitious, or fresh scents that uplift and energise.

Bright, clean, zingy and crisp, scents from the Fresh Family at Brown Thomas uplift and energise

From exquisite perfumes and luxurious colognes created by the world’s most sought-after brands, to scented candles and diffusers that fill your home fall under the spell of fragrance with the opulent collection by Brown Thomas in store and online at


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