Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day: Honor Irish Artisans and Designers

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What better way to honor Ireland’s own St. Patrick than to pay homage to the incredibly talented Irish designers and artisans that keep the tradition of fine handmade craft production alive. Let’s visit with the best and brightest makers of Ireland.

Irish 3-23 77-Alex-Thiel-Violino-Brooch (2) use as horizontal.jpg

Magnificent gold and silver Violino brooch by master goldsmith Alex Thiel. Crafted in the Art Deco style using yellow gold, sterling silver, red stained wood, princess cut rhodolite garnets and diamonds.

Irish 3-23 alex Thiel pallium ring (2) cropped.jpg

Palladium Tulip Ring with marquise cut aquamarine gemstone by Alex Thiel Designs.

Irish 3-23 alex Thiel saphire engage ring (2) cropped.jpg

Unusual cushion cut yellow sapphire with two tapered brilliant cut diamonds create a stunning engagement ring by Alex Thiel. Cork City, Ireland.

3-23 Irish red bomber jkt the tweed project.JPG

Luxurious red tartan mohair bomber jacket with removable sleeves over red tartan mohair ballgown. The Tweed Project.

Irish 3-23 Red tartan high collared dress the tweed project (2) cropped.JPG

Red tartan high collared dress with a cool retro vibe by The Tweed Project. The Tweed Project create handmade, one off pieces that combine beautiful Irish fabrics with modern tailoring for a truly authentic expression of Irish design, operating from a small Atelier in Galway, Ireland.

Irish 3-23 Adam-Frew-SmallMedLarge-Lidded- (2) cropped.jpg

Series of elegant, modern porcelain vessels by Adam Frew, Co.Derry, Ireland.

Irish 3-23 adam frew bowl (2) cropped.jpg

Contemporary porcelain bowl by Adam Frew.

Irish 3-23 adam frew series of vessels in blue porelain (2) cropped .jpg

Lovely, one-of-a-kind hand painted porcelain flasks, Adam Frew.

Irish 3-23 snugi-34-pompom hat baby (2) cropped.jpg

Sustainable, luxury, merino wool knitwear for babies that expect the best. Pom pom hat, handmade in Dublin, Ireland by Showcase Ireland winner Snugí Babóg. It seems this sweet little miss is considering her next purchase.

Irish 3-23 Bearded-Man-Badger-Hair-Shaving-Brush-2_Irish handmade (2) cropped.jpg

For guys that take their beards and shaving experience seriously, hand crafted badger hair shaving brushes. The handle is a combination of walnut and beech with a contemporary hexagonal form, by Bearded Man, Co. Meath, Ireland.

3-23 celtic-knot-basket saille (2) cropoped.jpg

Glorious Celtic knot basket formed with colored willow. Saille Baskets.

3-23 irish aisling-tote-basket (2) cropped.jpg

A woven celebration of the beauty of nature. The Aisling Tote, willow bark ribbon detail and vegetable tanned cognac Italian leather handles. The dark and light hues of different willow varieties create a rich visual contrast. Saille Baskets.

Irish 3-23 honey-pot-1-1 saille baskets (2) cropped.jpg

Striking contemporary willow Saille basket that could simply sit in the corner of your living room and look fabulous. Co. Cork, Ireland. Read how basketry artisan Diane Carton grows and harvests her willow here. It’s truly awe inspiring.

Irish 3-23 Vanessa Ree horse head pendant (2) cropped.JPG

A contemporary graphic expression fashioned in 18k gold and diamonds of Ireland’s beloved horse. This stunning pendant by jewellery designer Vanessa Murtagh.

Irish 3-23 Vanessa Ree 3 d cube (2) cropped.JPG

Modern 3-D Pendant of 18k gold by Vanesssa Ree Jewellery.

Irish 3-23 cluster earrings Vanessa Ree (2) cropped use .JPG

Bold, avant-garde cluster earrings in 9k gold. Vanessa Ree Jewellery. Kildare, Ireland.

Irish 3-23 Bubblegum-Llip-Scrub (2) berrye be cropped.jpg

Handcrafted beauty products using all natural ingredients by Berry-Be-Beauty. So many yummy flavors to choose from, like Bubblegum Lip Scrub.

Irish 3-23 Bergamot-Sweet-Orange-Hand-Cream-2  berry be (2) cropped.jpg

Can you imagine this heavenly combination of bergamot and sweet orange hand cream? You can? Yes, so can I. Berry-Be-Beauty. The brand was founded by award winning entrepreneur Lorna Venton, an experienced holistic therapist and is based in North Dublin, Ireland.

Irish 3-23 Floral-Dress-6-Linda-Wilson-Irish-Knitwear-Designer-Limerick red (2) cropped.jpg

Spectacular knit dress for Irish princesses and all those who appreciate innovative knitwear as an art form. By Showcase Ireland winner Linda Wilson Knitwear.

Irish 3-23 Beanie-Ribbed-Retro-Petal-Hat-3-Linda-Wilson-Irish-Knitwear-Designer-Limerick blue (2) cropped.jpg

Beanie Ribbed Retro Petal Hat with coordinated scarf. Linda Wilson Knitwear.

Irish 3-23 Triangular-Pattern-Long-Scarf-1-Linda-Wilson-Irish-Knitwear-Designer-Limerick red blue pink (2) cropped.jpg

For those of us who insist on standing out from the crowd, Beanie Ribbed Triangular Hat, coordinated scarf and poncho, by Linda Wilson Knitwear.

Irish 3-23 Four-Bow-Scarf-SCF11-Linda-Wilson-Knitwear-Irish-Designer-Limerick (2) cropped.jpg

Pretty as a picture Four Bow Scarf with coordinated forest green cloche by the talented Linda Wilson Knitwear.

Irish 3-23 garrett mallon cuflinks (2) cropped.JPG

Eye-catching sterling silver cufflinks embellished with sparkling blue topaz by Showcase Ireland winner Garrett Mallon Jewellery.

Irish 3-23 garrett Mallon st. brigid necklace flame (2) cropped.JPG

Celtic Flame Pendant Necklace by Garrell Mallon Jewellery. Inspired by the beloved patron saint of Ireland St. Brigid and the unquenchable spirit of the Irish nation.

Irish 3-23 alewalsh bag (2) cropped.JPG

It’s all about the drama. Vibrant statement handbag by Alewalsh.com, Co. Dublin, Ireland.

Irish 3-23 alewalsh pink handbag (2) cropped.JPG

The vibration of energizing colors makes this Josefine Fuego handbag so irresistible. Tinalak fabrics crafted by local artisans in the Philippines with purple leather trim. Alewalsh.com.

Irish 3-23 newbridge silverware pearl necklace (2) cropped.jpg

Important multi strand natural shell pearl necklace enhanced with vintage inspired cascading cubic zirconia. Newbridge Silverware.

Irish 3-23 newbridge silverware evil eye ring (2) cropped.jpg

Who couldn’t use a little protection from the evil eye? This stunning stacking ring features blue lapis lazuli and clear crystal stones. Newbridge Silverware. Co. Kildare, Ireland.

Irish 3-23 jerpoint glass studio winner showcase pitcher.JPG

Create an instant party with the festive hand-blown glass jug and glasses by Showcase Ireland winner Jerpoint Glass Studio, located in Kilkenny, Ireland.

Irish 3-23 jerpoint highball glasses (2) cropped.JPG

Mesmerizing swirls of pure color and the skilled hand of the artisan fashion these breathtaking highball glasses. Jerpoint Glass Studio.

Irish 3-23 CKD Milliner rainbow (2) cropped.jpg

Millinery as a high art form. A bespoke rainbow halo by award winning Caithriona King Designs.

Irish 3-23 CKD milliner stat of lib (3) cropped.jpg

If the Statue of Liberty ever stepped down off of her pedestal for just one night to party, this would be the radiant headpiece she would choose. Bespoke millinery by Caithriona King Designs.

Irish 3-23 CKD Milliner fireworks (2) cropped.jpg

Uninhibited, exuberant, magical. This spectacular headpiece seems to reflect the fireworks of innovation. Caithriona King Designs, Co. Galway, Ireland.

Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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