The Royal Ascot Style Stakes – Focus on Millinery

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UNBRIDLED glory in world class thoroughbred racehorses thundering through the tranquil English countryside and the flair, fun and flamboyance in a masterful piece of millinery – it has got to be the season for Royal Ascot.

The Royal Ascot Millinery Collective is at Fenwnick of Bond Street, London

The latest millinery collective for 2023 features designs from around the world, celebrating an abundance of individuality and abundance. The Royal Ascot Millinery Collective is exclusively at Fenwick of Bond Street London or online at, offering 10 looks designed to inspire a range from classic Royal Enclosure elegance to playfully edgy attire, perfect for the Queen Anne and Village Enclosures.

A whimsical frock in softest pastel and contrasting dark pillbox hat is perfect for the Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot

“The beautiful thing about hats is they are and have always been the finishing touch on any outfit,” said American milliner Sally Sokal, one of the designers in this year’s collective. “But they can also be the inspiration.”

Hats off to the men for their sartorial style, perfect for the Queen Anne Enclosure at Royal Ascot

The exquisite collection is designed to be worn at the races and beyond – at family weddings and special occasions and glamourous afternoons with friends. Whether savouring a champagne picnic on vast, beautifully manicured lawns donning an extravagant headpiece for a day at the races there is a millinery masterpiece that can be the crowning accessory this summer season.

A colour-matched skirt and blouse, boots and millinery is racing ready for the Village Enclosure at Royal Ascot

The collective’s Australian milliner, Souri Sengdara added: “I want my designs to create a more beautiful world, to celebrate diversity and inspire change.”

The Royal Ascot Millinery Collective, now in its ninth year celebrates the truly spectacular ‘wearable art’ created by 10 milliners to be worn again and again and passed down through generations. The collective collection of 10 hats is available at Fenwick of Bond Street and through the Concierge Service.

Hats aren’t required for the men at Royal Ascot, but they can still put their best foot forward in the Windsor Enclosure style stakes

See the Royal Ascot style guide for dress code tips at Royal Ascot is running from 20 to 24 June at Ascot Racecourse, Berkshire, England.


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Image credits: Ascot Racecourse/photographer and fashion director Damian Foxe

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