Showstopping jewellery sparkles at Butler & Wilson

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AT Butler & Wilson there is no such thing as too much and the latest trendsetting collection will add glitz and glamour touches to any look.

Add glitz and glamour with the showstopping collection from Butler & Wilson, where there is no such thing as too much

Add Austrian crystal sparkle to your look with these elegant crystal lady drop earrings for £98, a design encrusted with dazzling crystals featuring a shower drop which sparkles endlessly with movement as the crystals catch the light.

Butler & Wilson’s Fulham Road, London boutique has been setting trends for generations of loyal customers, the ‘costume royalty’ collections as named by British Vogue fronting some of the world’s most iconic faces including Catherine Deneuve and Faye Dunaway along with Giorgio Armani’s limited edition collection, celebrating the opening of Buckingham Palace to the public. And the trend in sparkling jewellery that makes an impact are continuing in this year’s sartorial styles.

“With their steadfast dedication to quality, the guardians of limeless craftsmanship spare no pains to create their valuable and unique pieces,” said About Her magazine’s Roula Allam of this year’s glittering jewellery trend. “Whether worn as part of a set or as an individual stunner, each piece has a story brimming with brilliance.”

Butler & Wilson’s crystal art deco fan necklace, priced at £78 glitters with sparkling crystals in a chain link design that connects to fanned stones in a graceful shimmer.

With as much as £20 off and 300 birthday points available, shopping has its rewards in the Butler & Wilson Membership Program where every purchase earns discounts and special offers

Add glitz and glamour from the collection and stand out in showstopping sparkle at Butler & Wilson’s Fulham Road boutique, or shop online at


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Image credits: Butler & Wilson

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