Venus Fly Trap – Exclusive Limited Edition Plant by Prestige Flowers

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Exclusive Limited Edition Plant
Introducing a limited edition Dionea muscipla plant by Prestige Flowers, more commonly referred to as a Venus Fly Trap! Whether you’re looking to send a one-of-a-kind gift or want a fun companion for yourself or a loved one, Venus Fly Trap buddy is here to bring a whole lot of entertainment and excitement!
Get ready to be delighted as it playfully snaps its leafy jaws, adding a touch of intrigue and charm to your home! Whatever you name your plant, it feels comfortably at home, nestled in an Osaka straw basket. Send with next-day delivery or select your preferred delivery date.

venus fly trap plant for sale

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venus fly trap plant to buy

Limited edition Dionea muscipla plant, more commonly reffered to as a Venus Fly Trap!

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