Why 2024 will be the tipping point for supply chains

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With 2025 climate commitments looming, fashion is under pressure to clean up its supply chains. New legislation is expected to have a significant impact, but some big questions remain. How can we rebalance brand-supplier power dynamics, and inspire greater collaboration? And how can we overcome the barriers to technological innovation, which are key to driving more sustainable practices? Megan Doyle explores these questions and more in her round-up of predictions for the year ahead.

Industry leaders predicted that we would witness brands making bigger strides in their relationship with nature last year; that emissions and circularity conversations would get serious; and that internal priorities and hires would better position brands to meet their sustainability goals. What actually happened, and what does it tell us about 2024? Rachel Cernansky takes stock.

Legislation is coming for fashion’s supply chains. Are you ready?
By Megan Doyle

This year is set to be a tipping point for fashion’s supply chains, as brands and suppliers race to comply with incoming legislation and meet 2025 sustainability goals.


fashion waste

Sustainable fashion: The year in review
By Rachel Cernansky

From movements in regulation to the rise of Shein, sustainable fashion made strides and suffered setbacks in 2023 [Member-only].


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