On Saint Patrick’s Day, Let’s Celebrate Our Irish Artisans and Gifted Crafts People

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On Saint Patrick's Day 3-24 horizontal image.JPG

Traditional Irish bouzouki in the hands of a master; McNeela Music Instruments. Brilliant contemporary stained glass by Deirde Buckley. Cubistic gold and jade statement ring by Eimear Vize Designs. Irish cottage by the sea, handmade felt ornament by An Gailearai Beag. Toasty merino wool shawl collar cardigan by Aran Sweater Mill.

SPD 3-24 AR grandfather shirt cropped.jpg

Attractive grandfather shirts are not exclusively for grandfathers. Aran Sweater Mill.

SPD 3-24 AR Book_Of_Kells_Celtic_Shawl_-_Green_Tones__03859 cropped.jpg

Charming Book Of Kells Celtic shawl, Aran Sweater Mill.

SPD 3-24 AR mens vest cropped.jpg

Men’s zip vest with Celtic design by Aran Sweater Mill.

SPD 3-24 AR manket w horse cropped.jpg

“Manket”…an Irish man-blanket. Aran Sweater Mill.

SPD 3-24 AR NIGHTCAP-001_-_Green_Blackwatch_Tartan_1__63526.jpg

Men’s cotton flannel nightcap in green Black Watch tartan. What guy doesn’t need one of these? Aran Sweater Mill.

SPD 3-24 AG blue ameoba glass cropped.JPG

Imaginative handcrafted glass amoeba by Atlantic Glass.

SPD 3-24 AG grn red sunburst glass cropped.JPG

Handmade sunburst glass by Trish Goodbody, Atlantic Glass.

SPD 3-24 AG glass necklace cropped.JPG

Glass pendant necklace by Atlantic Glass.

SPD 3-24 AG orange cropped.JPG

Atlantic Glass.

SPD 3-24 AG blue sunburst glass.JPG

Atlantic Glass. Trish Goodbody crafts her lovely glass pieces in West Cork, Ireland. As seen on the dcci.ie website.

SPD 3-24 AS office bag cropped.JPG

The incredible Switch Bag by asaleatherwork.com.

SPD 3-24 AS bag open cropped.JPG

This convertible backpack is an office and a nomadic home.

SPD 3-24 AS indiv compartments cropped.JPG

The compartments are equipped with super powerful magnets, allowing you to organize your life by colorful categories.

Watch the video here to see how it works. As seen on the dcci.ie website.

SPD 3-24 AN irish puffin cropped.JPG

Puffin nesting along the Irish cliffs. Handmade felt ornament by An Gailearai Beag.

SPD 3-24 AN irish cottage ornament cropped.JPG

Traditional white washed Irish cottage with a thatched roof and sheep grazing the turf. Nostalgic felt ornament handmade by An Gailearai Beag, Co. Kerry.

SPD 3-24 EV blue cuff cropped.JPG

Sinuous gold cuff bracelet by Eimear Vize Designs.

SPD 3-24 EV red ring cropped.JPG

Eimear Vize is an Irish award-winning jewellery designer and gemstone specialist.

SPD 3-24 EV pendant cropped.JPG

Bespoke pendant by Eimear Vize Designs.

SPD 3-24 EV celtiic cuff cropped.JPG

Eimear Vize Designs, Kilkenny, Ireland.

SPD 3-24 EV gold ring cropped.JPG

Eimear Vize Designs.

SPD 3-24 EV alien cufflinks cropped.JPG

Out-of-this-world cufflinks by Eimear Vize Designs. As seen on the dcci.ie website.

SPD 3-24 LM harps cropped.JPG

Handcrafted Celtic Lever folk harp in rosewood or walnut by Liffey Music of Ireland, located in Dublin, Ireland.

SPD 3-24 MC electro bouzouki cropped.JPG

Handcrafted Irish bouzouki by McNeela Music Instruments. Irish bouzoukis are used to play traditional Irish music and Irish folk music.

SPD 3-24 MC the-celtic-ravens-bodhran__14560 cropped.jpg

Celtic ravens bodhrán. McNeela Music Instruments.

SPD 3-24 GH handmade gloves ladies 4 button cropped.JPG

Bespoke four button leather dress gloves, George Horn Ltd., custom leather glove manufacturers.

SPD 3-24 GH gents gloves cropped.JPG

Lavish Peccary leather gent’s gloves. The great test for any glove cutter is their ability to make Peccary gloves. Made from a South American boar, with a distinctive hair pattern and slight flaws in the leather, these are the most luxurious of gent’s gloves. George Horn Ltd.

SPD 3-24 GH fur gloves cropped.JPG

George Horn Ltd. are third generation master glove makers based in Dublin, Ireland.

SPD 3-24 EM pink baby slippers.JPG

Pink baby booties in softest merino wool by Edel MacBride, designer of luxurious handmade knitwear in Co. Donegal, Ireland.

SPD 3-24 EM slippers like wool clouds teal.JPG

These must be the most decadent slippers on the planet! Merino wool cloud slippers. In teal, by sustainable designer Edel MacBride.

SPD 3-24 EM slippers like clouds crimson.JPG

Put these slippers on and float around the house as if on soft, fluffy clouds. You may never leave your house again. ☺ Edel MacBride. As seen on Wearing Irish.com.

SPD 3-24 CV necklace cropped.JPG

Sustainably sourced hand crafted ethnic beads and jewellery by Charlotte Verbeek.

SPD 3-24 CV ethnic bead and metal cropped.JPG

Charlotte Verbeek. As seen on the dcci.ie website.

SPD 3-24 CV ethnic necklace cropped.JPG

Boho chic by Charlotte Verbeek.

SPD 3-24 CV beads cropped.JPG

A riot of glorious handmade beads fashioned into desirable necklaces by Charlotte Verbeek.

SPD 3-24 CV beads metal cropped.JPG

Charlotte Verbeek’s studio and amazing garden are located in the Beara Peninsula in the South West of Ireland.

SPD 3-24 ND 100%+silk+kimonos_made+in+Ireland_Niamh+Daniels cropped.jpg

Breathtaking silk scarves are truly works of art by designer and artist Niamh Daniels.

SPD 3-24 ND scarf silk Blossom+Silk+kimono_made+in+Ireland_Italian+silk cropped.jpg

Niamh Daniels signature styles are prints with a fine art approach, combining a strong use of color with her own drawing, painting and photography.

SPD 3-24 ND scarf colordul cropped.jpg

Dazzling silk scarf by Niamh Daniels, based in Galaway, Ireland. As seen on Wearing Irish.com.

SPD 3-24 JC St. Brigid cross wood cropped.JPG

Wood burned Celtic St. Brigid’s cross lapel pin. By Jenny Craig, available on Etsy.

SPD 3-34 JC peace cufflinks etsy cropped.JPG

Wood burned peace cufflinks by Jenny Craig are crafted using pyrography tools.

SPD 3-24 JC anam cara orn wood pyrography.JPG

Anam Cara; soul friend ornament. Jenny Craig is located in Belfast, Ireland.

SPD 3-24 CM acrylic drop earring, cuff cropped.JPG

Capulet & Montague sustainable and recycled jewellery by Lisa McCormack.

SPD 3-24 CM cobalt blue ginko cuff cropped.JPG

Capulet & Montague is a leading Irish contemporary jewellery brand, garnering many prestigious awards.

SPD 3-24 CM disco Pantz earrings cropped.JPG

Disco Pantz earrings by Capulet & Montague.

SPD 3-24 CM blue lucite earrings cropped.JPG

Blue Lucite earrings, Capulet & Montague.

SPD 3-24 CM Ginko leaf cuff cropped.JPG

Fabulous sculptural etched acrylic ginkgo leaf cuff by Capulet & Montague. As seen on the dcci.ie website.

SPD 3-24 DB Irish-Stained-Glass-Artist-Moondance-Deirdre-Buckley-Cairns-Cork cropped.jpg

Stunning stained glass by Deirde Buckley.

SPD 3-34 DB Windowbox-Wildflowers-Stained-Glass-Ireland-Deirdre-Buckley-Cairns-West-Cork-Artist-1 cropped.jpg

Stained glass window box by Deirde Buckley. As seen on the dcci.ie website.

SPD 3-24 AL blue haoir car cropped.JPG

Ayelet Lalor is an award winning figurative ceramics artist and sculptor based in Dublin, Ireland.

SPD 3-24AL spikes cropped.JPG

Ayelet Lalor.

SPD 3-24 AL figure ceramics Hedgerow cropped.JPG

“Queen of the Hedegrow II.” Ayelet Lalor.

SPD 3-24 AL blue woman cropped.jpg

Ayelet Lalor incorporates mixed media, found objects and concrete in her exceptional sculptures.

SPD 3-24 RL pattern dress cropped.JPG

Bespoke women’s wear by Róisín Linnane.

spd 3-24 RL blk blse cropped.JPG

Magnificent trapunto textured blouse by Róisín Linnane.

SPD 3-24 RL jacket cropped.JPG

Elegant ensemble by Róisín Linnane.

SPD 3-24 RL blk ensemble w belt cropped.JPG

Outstanding outfit of full skirt, balloon sleeves and leather belt by Róisín Linnane. As featured in Wearing Irish.

SPD 3-24 RO manta ray necklace etsy cropped.JPG

Avant-garde sterling silver pendant necklace, manta ray with inset quartz. Ruairi O’Neill, silversmith.

SPD 3-24 RO sterling falcon pendant necklace cropped.JPG

Elegant sterling silver falcon pendant necklace by Ruairi O’Neill, based in Galway, Ireland.

SPD 3-24 RO sterling and turq necklace etsy cropped.JPG

Bold sterling silver necklace featuring turquoise accent stone by Ruairi O’Neill.

SPD 3-24 so blye and green vase cropped.jpg

Contemporary, unexpected, handmade fine porcelain by Sinead O’ Moore Ceramics.

SPD 3-24 SO porcelain lamp cropped.jpeg

Glorious porcelain lamp by Sinead O’ Moore Ceramics.

SPD 3-24 SO emerald dishes cropped.jpeg

Jewel-like petite emerald green bowls that could take your breath away. Sinead O’ Moore Ceramics, based in Wicklow, Ireland.

SPD 3-24 SO pendant lights cropped.jpeg

A masterful pendant light that creates a sense of drama, Sinead O’ Moore Ceramics.

Thank you for honoring our extraordinary Irish artisans with me. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!



Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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