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Riotous Colour Meets Iconic Pan-African Design.

This is Cutting-Edge Fashion – Luxe, Contemporary and Deeply Rooted in the Heart of the Inimitable African Continent.


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Image Credit South Africa Fashion Week


Johannesburg, the ‘City of Gold’ was yet again host to the highly anticipated bi-annual South Africa Fashion Week in April, a week that exploded with sensational style and glamour, in a city that’s as famous for its extraordinary style and pizzazz as it is for its copious gold reserves.

As ever, fearless designs were spotted across the spectrum. As were iconic patterning, luxe fabrics, bold colour-blocking, inspired accessories, and forward-looking hair and make-up trends.

As for colour trends, one would be hard pushed to single out a specific seasonal shade! In truth just about every colour under the sun was represented in the collections, including a few well-behaved monochromatic white-and-black colourways.

Designs varied from avant-garde creations (like the famous Viviers collection hot off the Milan Fashion Week runway) to contemporary swimwear and beach collections (like the super glamorous collection by Miami Swim Week brand Beachcult), from the Basotho-inpired Pan-African collection by stalwart South African designer Thabo Makhetha to infinitely wearable wardrobe classic at Helon Melon and Black Coffee.

In a country where there are no fewer than 12 separate fashion weeks twice a year, the original, the iconic, South Africa Fashion Week remains a classic highlight on the fashion calendar, and one that not only goes out of its way to give a platform to exciting new talent, but also pays tribute to designers who, over the decades, have become synonymous with unassailably excellent South African design.

We invite you to sit back and enjoy these dreamy creations! Join us for a titillating sensory experience under the bright African sun.



Why not kick off proceedings with a sneak peek at the hustle and bustle behind the scenes? … With designers putting final touches to garments and models, hair and beauty specialists working their magic, live musicians adding to the atmosphere, paparazzi, photographers and glamorous front-row fashionistas and celebrities all adding to the allure and crazy energy that is Fashion Week…

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Extraordinary patterning, inspired use of colour and avant-garde asymmetry featuring bold cut-outs are the hallmarks of this striking collection by this super talented Johannesburg designer.

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Award-winning designs featuring dreamy, languid day dresses, effortless layering and contemporary classic blouses in the subtlest of ‘dirty’ pastels came from the stables of this Cape Town-based design house.

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Bold and cheery style elements combine to produce a feisty – and festive – collection that makes one jump for joy! Who can resist those carnival vibes?

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This vibrant collection has the versatile qualities to take one to work and leisure… Style it up or down, add or subtract layers. Whatever you do, you won’t go unnoticed.

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Says the designer, “being able to take fabric and turn it into something wearable, which positively impacts one’s self-perception, is the reason why we love the transformative nature of fashion.” We totally agree, looking at these creations!

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A brand that prides itself on its upcycling and recycling credentials utilises knits, patchwork, gingham, denim and plaid to look super fresh and brand-spanking new.

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Modern mermaids in bold royal blue and coral red, this collection is more than just a set of striking designs, it draws attention to the plight of women in society.

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A designer who has made a substantial mark on the South African fashion scene since her participation in the Italian Fashion Bridge programme, Fikile Sokhulu’s structured and formal approach to design is evident in her inspired SS 2024 range with its sculptural sleeve silhouettes.

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This luxury South African brand known for their magical patterns and glamorous shapes, wowed us with their sunray—pleated chiffon skirts, belted co-ords and marabou-frill collars. It’s cheery, super sophisticated – and ultra-wearable.

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Gender-fluid, sensual and elegant, Michael Ludwig Studios’ collection oozed unadulterated glamour. The regal purple cut-out gown with its frilly details simply is a vision!

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A designer who is well-known for her iconic designs using traditional Basotho blankets as textiles, Thabo Makhetha developed intricate leatherwork prints based on traditional designs for her SS collection. This exquisite collection is a wonderful tribute to contemporary African style, with pieces that can be layered, added and subtracted to allow huge versatility.

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Based on kinetic art, according to the designer this collection is a metaphor for growth and the ways in which we explore and develop as we move through life. We adore how the classic silhouettes have incorporated the wavy, mobile shapes.

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Black Coffee’s signature avant-garde designs focussed on the art of pleating for this collection, and the exploration of the humble classic pleat is indeed a feat in the hands of designer Jacques van der Walt. We love the silhouettes as well as the treatment of the textiles that make up the inspired shapes.

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This heavyweight Johannesburg-based menswear designer needs no introduction; this collection yet again is a symphony of stunning shades, elegant silhouettes and quality fabric and workmanship.

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With kaleidoscopic colour and bold accessorizing, every garment tells a story!

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Where stunning Italian design meets South African craftsmanship! We love the sheer gossamer bodysuits paired with softest faux fur for a look of sheer luxe.

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A Johannesburg-based collective that has been showing its breath-taking gender-fluid avant-garde collections at fashion weeks all over the world, Viviers is known for its attention to detail, accessories and jewellery and striking silhouettes.

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A Cape Town-based designer who needs no introduction, Helen Gibbs produces super styish feel-good collections each season. We adore the pleasing subtleness of the shades of this SS collection.

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We absolutely adore the green spectrum that dominates Ephymol’s SS collection! Textured, easy to wear and super elegant, this streetwear collection with a hint of vintage is memorable and sophisticated at the same time. We’re hard pressed to think where this collection will NOT take one.

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This range by multi-award-winning designer Hangwani Nengovhela oozes subtle African grandeur. The gowns are epic in their shapes and shades, and every design is simply a must-have piece for one’s wish-list!

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Isabel de Villiers’ clothes are designed for women of all shapes, and flatter women’s bodies like few other brands manage to do. We adore the tactile organic shapes on the pieces as well as the pink and red combinations contrasted with silver, in this collection.

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This luxury menswear collection is aptly entitled “Manufactured, not made” and gives a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes process of garment manufacture. We adore the lavender shades as well as the logoed pieces – all very covetable!

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This luxury swimwear brand by Joanna Hedley is designed “for gypsetters and nomads who carry the ocean continuously in their hearts.”


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Johannesburg-based designer Lesley Kellerman’s range is a beautiful fusion of that place where science fiction and reality meet.

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Focussed on low-waste and sustainability, this Mozambiquan designer’s collection is fluid and effortless to wear, whatever the occasion.

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Ezoketho makes beautiful clothes for modern African women without compromising comfort or quality. We simply adore this range with its quirky head pieces and stripes!

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This collection with its fiery red and cherry red combinations, sizzle! It symbolises richness and passion, and a certain resilience that’s characteristic of the African continent.

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Mozambiquan designer Sania Bacar’s collection with its denim, wavy royal blue prints and turquoise patterning is a tapestry of African shades and inspiration.

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Cape Town based designer Leon von Solms’s collection of hand-painted dresses are wearable art piece, in truth. Beautifully accessorised, these are for the woman who is bound to make an impression wherever she goes!

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Sensual design that is classic and elegant are the hallmarks of this designer from Maputo. We adore the one-sleeved floor-sweeping black gown.

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This range is literally inspired by the African sun, the giver of life, healing and vitality. Each of the pieces in this collection is joyous, the colours reflective of the life-giving force of the sun.

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Cecile Paul

Author at Pynck

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