Prada revisited the past in Menswear at MFW 2018/2019

For those who have known the fashion world longest, and enough to know where all designers started from they would know how Prada used Pocono nylon initially to produce a line of bags, purses, and backpacks. However, the same material was revisited after 1984 this year to produced garments and accessories. It was not only a reminiscent of past but also a great marketing feat in Prada’s favor.

The show started off with simple, rather laidback stitched shirts all made from nylon bearing name tags with Prada’s new logo. They were all puffy and shiny as you may see in the picture.

Among the oddly utilitarian outfits were some fashionable pieces like this amazing long coat made from leather and distressed to give that perfect amount of edge and dimension to the look.

It was Prada, one can’t expect all things conventional, and hence a mix of colors and patterns in wide-collared shirts and skirts was deliberately added to the collection.

It came to an end with tailored suits with a loose fit. Wide and double collared suites were a feast among all the mind-boggling designs.

With that Prada closed the show for the fall season. Naturally, you can see Prada’s collections on their official website,


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