DIABLO – Make a pact with the devil this Halloween

World renowned winemakers Concha y Toro have created a new innovative and irresistible blend ready to darken your Halloween. Diablo wine remains mysterious as the vineyard and grapes used to create it are not revealed.

Diablo, a decadent and captivating wine form Chile, is perfectly aged for 6 months, 6 weeks and 6 days. It may not be a coincidence that the Spanish word for devil is ‘Diablo’. This aging process is key to the unique taste of Diablo which tantalises the senses creating a perfect match with your Halloween treats.

“Wine consumers are increasingly open to trying new and innovative offerings. We believe Diablo is a product to address that, a brand that offers something different, one that seduces and attracts attention thanks to its powerful and attractive presentation and a wine that without doubt will captivate us,” declares Sebastián Aguirre, Marketing Director for Casillero el Diablo.

Incorporating black fruits blended with mocha, vanilla and a hint of spice, Diablo is a wine that will make a statement at any occasion and is available nationwide.

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