Angel Bliss – Kids jewelry for a memorable childhood

Distressing Charms and Bracelets for Kids of all ages 🙂

As the tag line says, Angel Bliss is a Jewellery brand for kids and young people. Heart-shaped silver earrings, engraved steel necklaces, Coloured charms and symbols with stones in the same colour are only some of their beautifully designed offerings. A lot of added value right from the first impression, every piece carefully finished. With their parent company “Robert Friman International AB” declaring annual revenue over $15 mn,  Angel Bliss is on its way to becoming the hot favorite custom jewellery icon for the youth. In short they are cute and fun to flaunt.

Angel Bliss Starter Letters
Starter Letters
Angel Bliss Glittery Bracelets
Glittery Bracelets
Angel Bliss bracelet Leopard
Bracelet Leopard
Angel Bliss #BFF
Angel Bliss Silver earrings Flower
Silver earrings Flower
Angel Bliss Silver earrings Hearts
Silver earrings Hearts
Angel Bliss Charms
Charms at Showcase Ireland
Angel Bliss Charms
Angel Bliss on dislay at Showcase Ireland

Their products also include Kids Bracelets, Kids Charms, Kids Earrings, Kids accessories. Earrings are available in wide variety of colours and made from surgical steel, titan and sterling silver. The trendy charms are also available in various colours, patterns and shapes. You can choose among charms draped in rose gold and white stones, silver coloured charms and symbols with coloured bows or hearts. In dublin you could buy them from here 🙂

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