Lismore Castle Opera 2016 and the Lismore Gardens

Lismore Castle Opera 2016

Built in 1185 by King John, the castle was originally owned by Sir Walter Raleigh, however it was passed to the Boyle’s once he fell out with the queen. Eventually ended up with the Devonshires and more recently the Cavendishes.
View of the Castle from Top
lismore castle gardens

                                         View of the Lismore Garden

View of the spir from lismore castle gardens

                              View of the Spire from Lismore Gardens

Regarded as one of Ireland’s best kept secrets, Lismore Castle Gardens spans over seven acres confined within castle’s 17th century outer defensive walls. Featuring a wide variety of beautifully maintained plants and trees, with interest throughout the season, the garden is also home to a permanent sculpture collection.

Activities for Children at Lismore Castle Gardens:

  1. Garden Sculpture Hunt – Arranged at no extra cost, challenging children to scout the garden from clues hidden in the artworks.
  2. Garden Nature Trail – The nature trail will encourage children between the ages of 2 and 5 to interact with the gardens through a range of activities such as sketching, counting and collecting
  3. The Riding House – Castle-made jams, chutneys & apple juice are for sale in the Riding House alongside selected plants and head gardener Darren Topps recommended garden reads.
  4. Refreshments – Teas, coffees and light refreshments including regional ice cream are available in the LCA Gallery.
Lismore Castle on the way to Opera

                              Lismore Castle on the way to Opera

Opera at Lismore Castle:

Lismore Castle Opera 2016 songs from cosi fan tutti

                        The orchestra of cosi fan tutti at lismore castle

Lismore Castle Opera 2016

                                                           The setting in the Stables Lismore Opera House

  The opera was conducted under the bright sun in the midst of stable horses of the castle grounds as in the old world. The open collapsible theater added a character to Mozart’s Cos Fan Tutti being played. Powerful individual performances by Rachel Croash, Michelle Daly, Sandra Oman, Gavan Ring among many others. Will come back soon.
Lismore Castle Stable

                                  The Star of the Show – The Horses

Tempting Offers at Lismore Castle

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