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Trend Talk

Knitwear – The Ganni Julliard

Back with our trend talks, but this time we are going to be keeping things a little bit different. We have again selected one key piece for the season and will show you how to style it. Rather than go for a whole trend. Hopefully this will actually help you update your wardrobe and see how these new on trend pieces will work with what you already have.

This time we have gone for the jumper/ knitwear of the moment, the Ganni Julliard. Seriously, if you haven’t spotted this piece yet on the fashion crowd then where have you been? The piece comes in multiple different colour ways, from pastel pinks, baby blues, to full on bright yellow, so there is one out there that will suit you. You can purchase the Ganni Jumper here.

As per usual, we have three looks, one casual, one dressy and one warm, layered up look. We have gone for the bright pink Julliard jumper on this occasion, but any colour will work.

We have also sourced some more affordable versions of the sweater below.




The more affordable alternatives

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