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To confine Tiffany McCall’s tenth fashion show in Paris to a mere fashion show would be a serious mistake. The event I attended the last Saturday of Paris Fashion Week was heterogeneous both in nature, with designers referencing diverse cultures, and in register as the guests could marvel at haute-couture and ready-to-wear in one single afternoon. Moreover, not only models walked down the catwalk. Singers, dancers or celebrities in the fashion business came up to the microphone to share their stories and talent with the guests. To smoothen out the transitions between designers, we were served glasses of wine and entertained by the very host Tiffany McCall. The bright and acidulous atmosphere left everyone on the edge of their seats for what I can personally admit was the longest fashion show I ever attended. From 3pm to 8pm, a dozen creators presented their collections amongst which Anne Kerval (the godmother of the event), Alessandro Angelozzi Couture, Dovita Bridal, Glaudi by Johana Hernandez, Evgeniya Satalkina, Palais des Argano and many more which you can find on the facebook page of Tiffany’s Fashion Week.

The highlights of the event were obviously the breath-taking couture gowns and formal dresses which I have featured below. The ready-to-wear garments were interesting but fewer with the exception of the beautiful furs designed by BlackbyMz. Yet, there was a look for everyone and every occasion. For instance, I particularly loved Alessandro Angelozzi Couture’s  baby blue gown which reflected the designer’s desire to emphasize structure through colour. The sewing of the dress was perfectly executed with lovely folds and complex layering. Bridal wear was also represented by a few designers. Dovita Bridal distinguished itself with refined and spare gowns adorned with measure and skill. Tiffany’s fashion week is a true laboratory of ideas and designs unequivocally created by and for women looking for the perfect outfit to match their ambition, dazzling personality and elegance.

Alessandro Angelozzi Couture

The baby blue cinderella gown by Alessandro Angelozzi Couture.

The rest of Alessandro Angelozzi’s collection was equally splendid. A dozen mermaid gowns packed with gleaming foliage embroideries corseted softly the model’s waist while the organza, chiffon or tulle skirts flowed lightly around their legs.



BlackbyMz partnered up with Tiffany’s Fashion Week to showcase for the first time its day-to-night fur coats and jackets to the Parisian audience. In this collection, nothing is overdone and all volumes are perfectly well balanced. The yellow jacket’s spectacular fox trim wrists and collar puffs are toned down by the classically cut loro piana cashmere jacket. The long emerald fur coat made with Sagafur fox and loro piana cashmere looks more modern thanks to the elimination of the sleeves resulting in a more streamlined silhouette.

Palais des Argano

This Victorian ball gown by Palais des Argano, the upcoming UAE designer, was the focal point of the collection. The highly crafted foliage brocade matches with the more structured and organized cut of the gown, defusing thus a potential impression of over-ornementation. The hair and makeup complete this vintage look with elegance.

Dovita Bridal
Sophisticated, polished and spellbinding are the adjectives most suited to describe Dovita Bridal’s wedding gowns. The brand based in Istanbul has come up in recent years with innovative options such as made-to-measure zip up back or lace up and customized Swarovski crystal designs. In the dress shown here, the delicate flower adornments merge with the long veil generating a foamy otherworldly effect contrasting with the tight bustier corset.

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