Chinese New Year Afternoon Tea – Jan 19th 2020

Come to Brown Thomas with us for endless sweet afternoon tea! Another busy year in Love Island, Saying goodbye to the year of the pig, we ushered in the year of the rat. The Huazhuan Association and Brown Thomas invite you to enjoy a delicious wine and delicious food with special guests. Enjoy this leisurely afternoon.

Looking forward to the endless sweet happiness of the “rat” in the new year, The endless cheers and laughter of the “rat” in the new year, Looking forward to the endless peace and joy of the “rat” in the new year.

Part one of the series: “Mouse” Endless Smile-Savouries Series

Irish St Tola Goats Cheese Tartlet

Coronation Chicken with Mango Curry

Brown Thomas Limited Dessert (Brown Thomas Charmeuse)


Series Two: “The Rat” Endless Joy-Sweet Treats Series

Classic French dessert Rum baba

Champagne Raspberry Macarons


Series Three: Endless Joy of “Rat”-Drink Series

Irish Breakfast Tea

Green Tea

Wait, do you think it’s over here? How can it be said that we are “rats” endless afternoon tea series! More hidden exclusive Brown Thomas afternoon tea menus are waiting for your discovery! And our special special Moutai cocktail!

This year of the rat, a classic gourmet journey that you must not miss, In the Year of the Rat, the Chinese New Year celebrations of the Huazhuan Society must not be missed. This year of the rat, a dreamy leisure time that you must not miss, Everything is ready, join us!

The Huazhuan Special thanks to the sponsors Brown Thomas and Elite Spirits for their great support for this event! Brown Thomas, Ireland’s most famous luxury department store, is now part of the world’s top retail family. At Brown Thomas you can find almost the most prestigious top luxury brands in the world. And Brown Thomas has always maintained his own Irish characteristics: from the decoration of the window, the display of the shop display, and the sale of Irish-limited products. At Brown Thomas, you can feel the latest trends. As the world’s top luxury goods store, Brown Thomas sponsored the event with two 250 Euro vouchers and gave them to you (one male and one female) who won the best dress award of the day!

Similarly, we also prepared a small surprise for every friend present!

Moutai is named after its origin and is produced only along the Chishui River in Maotai Town, Guizhou Province, China. It is the founder and typical representative of Chinese liquor Qujiang Spiced Wine and China’s “National Wine”. For over a century, Moutai has shared the title of “the world’s three largest distilled spirits” with French Cognac and Scotch Whisky. Moutai is officially used in feasts with foreign heads of state and distinguished guests visiting China. Moutai is the only alcoholic beverage presented to the official by Chinese embassies in foreign countries and regions.

Activity details

When: 3PM, January 19, 2020

Where: Brown Thomas-The Restaurant by Johnnie Cooke

Tickets: 38 Euro / person, Early Bird Early Bird ticket 33 Euro / person (to use before January 6 booking discount code Code Promotion: earlybird bookings can enjoy a discount of 5 euros, limited quota Oh) (fare Face value 55 euros / person, including afternoon tea, special Moutai cocktails, not including online ticket handling fees)

Highlights of the activity (knocking on the blackboard):

  • Enjoy high-end customized afternoon tea
  • Taste Moutai Cocktail
  • Selection of the best dress award (one for each gender, the prize is a 250 Euro BT voucher!)
  • Every friend present will receive a mysterious gift prepared by BT

Dress Selection

So the key question is, what is the selection criteria for the best dress award?

1. The theme of this dress is “Fairytale World”. What does fairy tale mean to you? What does the fairy tale world look like in your heart? Is that quirky Mickey Mouse, the beautiful Snow White or the magnificent Mulan? Is it a fantasy wonderland or colorful? In your own way, you can use your wild imagination to fill the adult world with fairy tales.

2. It is best to wear BT resident brand elements (apparel and accessories). Of course, it doesn’t matter if you don’t meet the above requirements, Smart casual! Enjoy Brown Thomas’s high-quality afternoon tea happily.

Note: This event is limited to friends over 12 years old

Details: EventBrite

Date And Time: Sun, 19 January 2020, 15:00 – 18:00 GMT (Add to Calendar)

Location: The Restaurant by Johnnie Cooke, 95 Grafton Street, D02 VF65 Dublin (View Map)



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