FRAMIORE – Ukraine based sustainable brand

It was only by chance that I was able to discover FRAMIORE, an Ukraine based sustainable brand established in 2018. The day had been long at Neonyt and as I was walking by, I almost missed the wonderful booth of Iryna Le Broussois, the brains of FRAMIORE. Thankfully, a beautifully weaved cream shirt had caught my eye just in time. After I introduced myself, Mrs Le Broussois started talking to me about her collection while synchronously showing to me the relevant pieces and details.

She explained to me that FRAMIORE broadly aims at translating unique cultural heritage from around the world into ready-to-wear city apparel. Iryna Le Broussois cares a lot about her work deontology. With only two collections a year, her teams dedicate precious time to anthropological research on the traditional clothing from disappearing cultures which they will ethically transform into fashionable modern garments.

Mrs Le Broussois revealed to me that to create the collection on display, she and her team went to Vietnam to explore its life philosophy, harmony between human and nature, and unique cutting and tailoring traditions. Between the delicate stitches and graceful folds, modern silhouettes with clear lines and earthy colours stand out. The cultural inspiration infuses the look without altering its poetic multiivocity.

A white shirt with a band collar and lace-up sleeves inspired by Vietnamese traditional designs made with sustainably-sourced fabrics providing long-lasting softness, great strength and efficient moisture absorption. Versatility, comfort and elegance ! What else could anyone ask for ?

This beautiful pastel blue dress is feminine and effortless. The unique physical properties of the rich fabrics used are here paired with intelligent design and clever sewing technologies so that the dress flows without ever disturbing.

A true highlight of FRAMIORE : the slit trousers. Again, this design is inspired by Vietnamese communities and reinvented for women all around the world. I particularly loved this look as I had been longing for original and flown trousers but all I could ever find were ripped jeans !

It is to note as well that all items of this collection are made of TENCEL™, bamboo, hemp and other fabrics that do not harm the environment. FRAMIORE proves once again that conscious consumption, responsible production and slow fashion is not incompatible with the aesthetic and practical needs of the modern woman.


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