Italy’s Lake Como – A Spectacular Holiday Destination

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Pynck recently departed from the Green Isle of Ireland to the spectacular landscape of Lake Como, North Italy, staying in the Sheraton Resort Hotel. The main event was the Carnival Parade of Bellagio 2020, but, as you will see below, there are many reasons to visit this beautiful Italian destination.


The Sheraton veal chop chefs specialty at Lake Como 2020


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Bonnet chocolat with caramel finish


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The Sheraton resort hotel Lake Como and its surroundings

One of the first activities we did was to take a leisurely boat trip into lake Como, to see the natural beauty up close and personal.

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We took a quick break at a local bar after the boat trip and had some Kranze and Orange juice before browsing the shops.

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We popped into Milan Caffe Caffe for a coffee and returned through the open air market to the boat. The lovely day continued beautiful weather which was unusual for this time of year – do bring a coat and scarf! At night time we went to Chernobbio and went inside Harry’s Bar to have a sumptuous meal and sing with the piano and waiters. A wonderful evening with great food and music.

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Harrys Bar Chernubbio February 2020 roman salad


Finally Pynck went to Sheraton and enjoyed a meal in their classically great Italian restaurant on the first floor. After finishing a cocktail in the bar, we met Angelo the waiter – himself a restaurant owner a Piazza joint with Tomahawk Piazza and a pool open only in the summer. The chef, Mr. Molon surpassed all expectations with fabulous ravioli with candied fruit, and spectacular grilled tiger prawn dish and vegetables all washed down with a glass of Gavi di Gavi. There was a special opera evening taking place for 65 people in the Sheraton’s Gourmet Restaurant in the gardens by the outdoor pool which was by all accounts amazing. I myself dined there the day before and was not disappointed – see photos below.

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The lake, location, restaurants and hotel were all fantastic, and absolutely deserve their high reputations. Please see links throughout the article for further details on any of these topics.

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