The Importance Of Sleep

An international survey carried out by Aviva Health Insurance in 2017 revealed that 35% of Irish adults reported not getting enough sleep, with 15% of Irish people struggling with insomnia. And, it is probably fair to say that given the world’s current circumstances, our sleep is being affected.

Today, we’re looking to the Scandinavians and their approach to sleep and sleep products for some inspiration, by way of Danish home retail brand, JYSK, who has a worldwide reputation for expertise and knowledge in sleeping culture.

The mattress is the foundation of a great sleep and JYSK offers foam and spring mattresses. Foam mattresses are ideal for people who prefer the mattress to mould into the shape of their body. While spring mattress consists of a spring system, bolster materials and cover, which can be combined to give you an array of options for optimal comfort and function. At JYSK, there is also a selection of pillows, linen and other sleep products to help you get a good night’s sleep, all which can be recommended by JYSK’s sleep specialists who are available to guide you through the range.

Visit to shop online now and start your journey to a good night’s sleep.

Sean Mitchell

Author at Pynck

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