ROAR® Cosmetics unveils Rock’n’Roar HOT24 makeup line

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New Swiss smart cosmetic brand boosts beauty potential through active ingredients, multifunctional triple+ use interactive makeup products and personalised digital beauty services

Chiasso, Switzerland, October 4, 2019: Lust For Life Cosmetics (L4L Cosmetics) has unveiled its new innovative makeup brand ROAR® Cosmetics that combines Swiss precision, Korean technology and glam from the runways of Milan. The first product to launch is the multifunctional, interactive and smart Rock’n’Roar HOT24 that minimises the possibility of false steps and cuts down makeup time while providing a source of inspiration for a flawless result. With global trends seeing consumers such as millennials and those with families spending less time on makeup – whether it is less time browsing the isles or reducing the number of colors and shades they carry around on a daily basis – ROAR® Cosmetics introduces a new reality in makeup rituals that cuts the clutter and streamlines the makeup process with universal and versatile products. Rock’n’Roar is a triple+ use formula that empowers the customer to play mix & match on their eyes, cheeks and lips – achieving hundreds of potential timeless combinations – in beautiful matte, metallic and iridescent finishes. The high-performance, water-resistant creamy texture can also be used as an eyeliner and eyebrow enhancer. The skin compatibility of this new entry in the cosmetics world is unrivalled; it can be used on any skin tone or skin type, regardless of age or gender.

“Our smart cosmetic brand helps customers support the expression of self-identity by focusing on colours that enhance their looks while simplifying the clutter of processes and items involved. We are introducing technology innovations that are essential to facilitate the makeup application process, providing an improved makeup experience through multi-purpose and performance-based products with zerocompromise on safety,” said Davide Bolgé, Founder, L4L Cosmetics. Rock’n’Roar HOT24’s strength lies within its high-quality texture and a binding ‘black list’ at its core. Every primary ingredient is carefully examined and added to offer enhanced skincare values with full traceability. The active ingredient used in the formula is Giant Kelp extract, which is an efficient anti-oxidant that softens the skin and helps retain its moisture. High in iodine, vitamin and mineral content, the innovative premium ingredients enable your makeup to supplement your skincare routine. With Rock’n’Roll inspired names such as #Redspect, #Smooth Caramel and #Tangerine Rhapsody, ‘Rock’n’Roar HOT24 is available in 24 seasonless hot shades that offer layered coverage from a nude to a bold makeup look. Customers are encouraged to mix the shades to create infinite personal color combinations. “Rock’n’Roar is the new must-have streamlined makeup routine that is here to switch up the game in the makeup industry, shifting the paradigm of what it means to get ready and put makeup on. Our mantra of ‘less is more’ means less fuss, less frill and less time in front of the mirror with professional results,” said Stefania Gazzi, Key Makeup Artist, ROAR® Cosmetics.

The full Rock’n’Roar experience starts with the luxurious and sleek packaging infused with digital technology to bring the formula and product to life. Rock’n’Roar high-tech packaging contains a microchip that triggers user information such as keeping track of the lifecycle of the product. The interactive ROAR® App unveils personalized digital beauty services such as a digital makeup planner, look suggestions and color and application tutorials giving customers confidence in their makeup choices. New to the makeup arena, Rock’n’Roar is also offering a subscription model for professional makeup artists. This 12-month subscription includes all 24 shades, as well as four color refills included.


Sean Mitchell

Author at Pynck

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