Trish McEvoy – #TrishTips: All Things Brow

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Learn Trish’s top #TrishTips for bringing out the best in your eyes and face with the transformative power of brows

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Trish McEvoy

Gorgeous & Groomed

trish mcevoy -New Clear Brow Perfector Pomade

New Clear Brow Perfector Pomade

I love brow pomade and wanted to make it even easier by putting it in pencil form. Stroke this through brows for soft flexible hold.”

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Detailed & Defined

trish mcevoy -Precision Brow Shaper

Precision Brow Shaper

Filling in sparseness is the first place to start. Whether you like a fine clean line or a dramatic look, the thinness of this pencil lets you work with hair-like precision

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Fabulous & Full

trish mcevoy -Fuller Brows Brow Mascara

Fuller Brows Brow Mascara

Love the look of a fuller, fluffy brow?
My Brow Mascara is composed of rich pigments and microfibers to expand your natural brow for that instantly dramatic look

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