Burberry Spring Summer 2021

Spring Summer 2021 Collection by Burberry


London Fashion Week 2020 kicked off with headliner Burberry. We knew that Fashion week would not be BAU, but the show was an experience in itself. Set in a forest, it had a remote feeling to it, and also a haunting feel. It really gave you the chills. Is this what Fashion’s Zombie Apocalypse would look like?

There was also a feeling of control and imprisonment to it. It certainly held up a mirror to the unprecedented times that we have all experienced this year, in possibly the most fashionable political statement.

The first model was dressed in a deconstructed Trench Coat (of course what else would one expect from Burberry) escorted by men dressed in black suits.

Models also perched all in white on cell block style beds, giving us asylum vibes. Looks also featured a bright orange (think Orange Jumpsuit! How very ‘lockdown’).

Beyond that, there were many relaxed looks, but mixed with tailored pieces, lots of leather and the off feminine dress thrown in for good measure. There were some glitzy pieces to be seen too. So over all there was quite a diverse mix of pieces, catering to many different styles.

Towards the end, the models all walked away from the spectacle. Making a comment on how we are moving away from the old and into a new era. Coming out of lockdown, walking away from the past, adapting to our surroundings, going digital.

Melanie Grace

Melanie Grace Fashion Editor and Publisher for Pynck

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