Mamma Mia! Milan Fashion Week’s Talented New Designers Mean Business!

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Cameramoda New Talents, Fashion Market Hub

Italy is recognized as being a worldwide leader in design. You can see why; supercars, (think Lamborghini and Ferrari), interior and industrial design and of course, fashion, our passion. The seven brands that participated in the Fashion Hub Market are: Gentile Catone, Salvatore Vignola, DassùYAmoroso, Daniele Carlotta, Roni Studios, C’est la V and Francesca Marchisio. Let’s check out their innovative designs.

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Emerging new talented designers are celebrated in Italy. They are sought after, guided and assisted not only to showcase their imaginative and original creations, but trained in the process of bringing their designs to market.

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New designers need to learn how to present their concepts to buyers. The Fashion Hub Market during Milan Fashion Week creates the atmosphere of a trade show, where all the new designers are given the opportunity to convey their message to a potential buyer. Let’s “shop the market” and see what catches your eye.

Milan New Designers sept. 2020 pynck print dresses (2).JPG

Bright and imaginative textiles will attract a buyer. The designer presents her line.

Milan new designers sept. 2020 pynck fringe jkt.JPG

Buyers look for the fine details of a garment which makes this textured fringe jacket truly exceptional.

Milan new designers sept. 2020 pynck pink bucket purse.JPG

Let’s think like a buyer. At first glance, the colors of this bucket bag grab us and draw us over to the booth. We look closely and see the stunning craftsmanship. Sold! We’ll take 12 dozen.

Milan new designers sept. 2020 pynck blk wht fabric.JPG

Exquisite fabrics that entice you to touch and feel pull you over to the booth.

Milan new designers sept. 2020 pynck holding blue dress.JPG

Understanding how to talk about your collection to a potential new customer is a valuable learning experience. Did you know there is a trade show etiquette? The new designers will learn this during the Fashion Market Hub.

Milan new designers sept. 2020 pynck linen pant w belt.JPG

Not all garments need to shout to you from across the room. These marvelous linen pants are finely crafted with unique details and uncommon design features.

Milan new designers sept. 2020 pynck rainwear.JPG

Rainwear with contrasting pockets takes this rain jacket to the next level.

Milan New Designers sept. 2020 pynck blue enbr shoes.JPG

No need to talk us into these embroidered shoes. Let us grab our order book!

Milan new designers sept. 2020 pynck blue abstract shoe.JPG

Can you imagine the excitement a buyer feels when she/he discovers a fantastic new designer, knowing that her customers will go wild over this new collection?

Milan new designers sept. 2020 pynck hats.JPG

We didn’t think we’d need a collection of hats until we saw this line of spectacular, whimsical and absolutely fabulous toppers. We’ll take them all!

Check back with us when we explore:

Designers for the Planet” room, which will host six emerging Made in Italy brands dedicated to sustainability: Fantabody, flavialarocca, Tiziano Guardini, Bav Tailor, Yatay, Silvia Giovanardi, to which CNMI has dedicated its efforts in promoting their work on a worldwide stage and has been focused on propelling their success further afield.

Budapest Select is a partnership between the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency and Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana. Watch for our upcoming report.

See the Fashion School graduates of Italia collections here.

And we’ll showcase the Young Designer DHL Award presented to a young talent and to whom DHL will offer its support in his or her expansion into foreign markets.

Milan Fashion Week virtual showroom

Cameramoda New Talents

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