FENDI – SS21 show

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This afternoon, Fendi graced us with a truly beautiful show that was both entirely digital and broadcasted on its social media channels as well as physical, with a few people sitting on discreet benches. The cameras were placed in level with passing models and the lens offered both focus and depth of field. The models were passers-by walking in a white airy catwalk that looked like a greek wooded peristyle of which we could only guess the moving shadows projected on lofty curtain walls. The collection’s aesthetic stretched over three phases : a white phase, a black phase and one that blended touches of colours in the latter two. Women and men were often gloved up to the shoulders, if not to their entire body, with a smooth and stretchy colourful fabric used in conjunction on shoes, bags or socks. Thrown over the elastic fabric were often sheer shirts or dresses. Their adorned collars drew the eye to details of the look that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. For instance, the lower band of a dress, the button placement following a pattern on a jacket, etc. The buttoned up collars played counterpoint to melodramatic jacket lapels which sumptuously spanned from one shoulder to the other, freeing a perfect triangle of chest. Such ingenious effects were also found in accessorization. Suspender belts framed the A-shaped silhouettes while jewellery defied gravity and hung sometimes in a perfect square from the models’s necks. The SS21 show outlines Fendi’s new and maturing sartorial narrative nurtured by confidential instincts that please both the eye and the mind.

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