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Artnet Galleries is always online, and member galleries are open for business. Even during this time when some exhibition spaces remain closed to the public, the online platform offers uninterrupted opportunities to explore galleries all across the globe. They’re sharing some of our favorite shows and artworks for you to enjoy all without leaving your home. Here’s what they’ve had their eye on this week.

Featured Exhibitions in Artnet Galleries

Wessel + O’Connor Fine Art

35 Years / 35 Works

John Wessel and Billy O’Connor opened their first gallery on October 12, 1985. To celebrate, the gallery is featuring 35 works by 35 artists that they’ve worked with during this timespan.

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Simon Lee

Marnie Weber

This exhibition of recent works by Los Angeles-based artist Marnie Weber explores the loss of innocence, the community of living things, spiritualism and the subconscious through her practice. Weber has developed a series of psychologically-charged, neo-gothic fairy-tales through her works.

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Salon 94

In the Belly of the Whale

American painter Elizabeth Neel’s latest exhibition, In the Belly of the Whale, is a hypnotic gateway into abstraction and Sansu painting. Neel’s inaugural solo show in Asia bursts with unexpected hues and notations from nature—showcasing four grand landscapes, alongside eight smaller paintings on paper.

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Featured Member Galleries in Montreal, Canada

Galerie Robertson Arès

Galerie de Bellefeuille

Galerie Simon Blais


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