Best of Tokyo Fashion Week Part I

Tokyo 3 girls horizontal (2) Rito cropped.jpg

Rito crafts exquisite natural fabrics and layers them for subtle yet eloquent results.

Tokyo Rito beige (2) cropped.jpg

Miyako Shimakawa designed magnificent textiles for luxury brands for many years. In 2016 she presented her own collection. Her Rito brand focuses on the art involved with spinning yarn, weaving and dyeing to craft exceptional textiles used to fashion contemporary silhouettes.

Tokyo Rito blk sleeves (2) cropped.jpg

Modern Renaissance inspired sleeves, Rito.

Tokyo Rito full dress (2) cropped.jpg

Rito tiered and layered full shift dress.

Tokyo Mr Gentleman pink pocket (2).jpg

Vibrant colors and unique layering exemplifies the Mr. Gentleman brand by designers Takeshi Osumi and Yuichi Yoshii.

Tokyo Mr. Gentleman blk white stripes (2) cropped.jpg

Layered shorts and bold pinstripes. Mr. Gentleman.

Tokyo mr. gentleman leather sleeves (2) cropped.jpg

Camel coat with detachable leather sleeves by Mr. Gentleman.

Tokyo mr. gentleman bug shirt (2) cropped.jpg

Oversized silhouette, brilliant hues. Bug camp shirt by Mr. Gentleman.

tokyo mr gentleman floral sleeves (2) cropped.jpg

Not for those who want to blend into the background. Knit top with add-on floral sleeves. The designers of Mr. Gentleman consider their fashion Post Modern clothing.

Tokyo Taakk winner mult jkt (2) cropped.jpg

Look at the exceptional details of the collared shirt, super cool jacket and subtly patterned trousers. Taakk brand by designer Takuya Morikawa was the Fashion Prize Winner of Tokyo in 2019.

Tokyo Taakk winner pink wht jkt (2) cropped.jpg

Dyed silk shorts suit. Taakk.

Tokyo Taakk winner full pants (2) cropped.jpg

Chain at the neckline and layered straps on full cargo pants creates a contemporary casual look. Taakk.

Tokyo Taakk denim (2) cropped.jpg

Takuya Morikawa is known for reworking denim in magical ways.

Tokyo de Caffeine half of a tie cropped.jpg

When you don’t feel like wearing a tie around your neck…De Caffeine homme brand has the solution.

Tokyo de Caffeine linen suit (2).jpg

Double breasted khaki linen suit by De Caffeine homme Korean designer Avizmo Jo.

Tokyo de Caffeine deconstructed jkt (2) cropped.jpg

Deconstructed navy blazer with the designer’s signature open side seams. De Caffeine homme.

Tokyo Yuki Hashimoto scarlet shirt (2) cropped.jpg

Japanese designer Yuki Hashimoto exhibits a sophisticated talent for men’s RTW. He combines a casual, smart street wear with an athletic vibe.

Tokyo Yuki Hashimoto blk (2) cropped.jpg

Yuki Hashimoto, modern streetwear.

Tokyo Yuki Hasimoto lav long jkt cropped.jpg

Multiple lengths, layers and zippered details create a truly Japanese contemporary style for the fashion forward man. Yuki Hashimoto.

Watch for Best of Tokyo Fashion Week Part II coming soon!


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