Show Me Your Seoul-Fashion Week

seoul lie side blue blse horizontal.jpg

Innovation and masterful tailoring is the story behind Seoul Fashion Week. Look closely, the romance is in the details. Lie brand crafts imaginative and stunningly original garments for those who insist on wearing what no one else has.

seoul lie wht side tie blse cropped.jpg

Designer Lee Chung Chung of Lie brand reworks a classic pinstripe into a remarkable side tie blouse.

seoul lie sheer blse, skirt cropped.jpg

Pleated short sleeve sheer blouse over a sheer gathered long sleeve top create a soft and delicate impression. Lie brand.

seoul comspace blue jkt cropped.png

Classic men’s sportswear with attention to the smallest details. Comspace Nineteeneighty.

comspace 1980 mens sportswear blk wht cropped.png

Sportswear and streetwear blend by Comspace Nineteeneighty.

Comspace 1980 mens sportsweat blk pants cropped.png

Comspace Nineteeneighty brand keeps it smart and understated.

seoul czanne blue mini cropped.jpg

Unique, innovative silhouettes drive the imagination of the C-zanne designer

seoul czanne boy girl cropped.jpg

C-zanne plays with the layered references of the Korean Hanbok traditional costume for both men’s and women’s styles.

seoul czanne wht embroid pants cropped.jpg

C-zanne steps outside the norm with a high-low embroidered blouse and fitted trousers that balloon and then gather at the ankle creating a fresh new look.

seoul czanne over skirt cropped.jpg

Trousers with a twist. Adding a self tie over-skirt creates a new dimension to this ensemble. By C-zanne.

seoul czanne capelet beige cropped.jpg

Elegant, gauzy capelet over dreamy sheer long jacket and silk dress. C-zanne.

Seoul big park floral raincoat cropped.jpg

Who wouldn’t want to stroll through Monet’s garden during a light summer sprinkling in this charming floral rain gear? By Big Park.

seoul big park raincoat cropped.jpg

With a reference to early 1800’s French Regency greatcoat styling, this Big Park double breasted coat gets an update for the modern women.

Seoul big park taupe jkt cropped.jpg

Contrasting a power shoulders military jacket with blue-green lace shorts. The unexpected by Big Park.

seoul big park overskirt cropped.jpg

The up-trending over-skirt is both versatile and feminine. Perfect for mixing up your looks. Imagined here by Big Park.

Seoul big park tulle skirt cropped.jpg

A floral elongated men’s style camp shirt becomes a dress with the addition of a tulle skirt. Big Park.

Seoul big park 2 jkts cropped.jpg

What is it about this look that makes it so totally chic? Is it the contrast of the khaki green and blush pink layered jackets or the lovely floral dress with the impish little forest sprite peeking out? Creativity by Big Park.

If you enjoyed the unique styling and breathtaking imagination of these talented Seoul fashion designers, watch for Seoul FW Part 2 coming soon!

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