Out bombed four models, two male in loose-panted wide-shouldered suits, two female in pagoda-shouldered suits, whose garments were powerfully fluoro pink and green. Layered flowing jersey looks (pagoda shouldered) gray suiting (pagoda shouldered), a fluoro green distressed bouclé jacket (you guessed it), then a jolt of red what-looked-like latex (un-pagoda-shouldered, actually) followed in a series of Armani-style grouped charges.

Already unfolding but reinforced at that red look was a cycling short story pitched squarely at the huge Kardashian constituency whose pulse Rousteing’s fingers are so attuned to. Then came a step across to washed denim, first in cut-offs then in washed menswear explorations of French prep. A turtleneck in this fabric, part of a Franco-Canadian tuxedo, was wonderfully sweet and sour and knowingly naff: possibly a passing tribute to Steve Jobs with whom’s Apple Balmain was promoting a season-specific playlist.

We docked at French marinière style—Breton tops and blazers, amplified and Balmain-ified—then set sail again into evening (after a long monogram section). Highly-accentuated tailoring—Les Smokings, of course—were delineated by vividly contrasting cream lapels. Swarovski crystals abounded—the press release claimed the collection contained close to 2 million of them—and their glitter served to shield sheer skirts and blouses. Then came seven mermaid-y two pieces and dresses in shades of what appeared to be silk jersey, worn barefoot.


Sean Mitchell

Author at Pynck

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