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Reuben Avenue

Experience a new dimension in dressing, which takes you from desk to dinner.

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The Reuben Avenue ethos was founded on six principles – sustainabilityexplorationconnectivitysimplicityinclusivity and longevity. Like the warp and weft on a loom, these principles are woven into the fabric of our business. They are the foundation on which every element of our business has been built: these six principles are our North Star.


Everything in the fashion world leaves a footprint, so we deliberately chose only natural and recycled materials for our collection. Our carbon footprint is carefully considered, inspiring our design process, and where we source and produce. Giving back to the community and using local vendors is at the heart of everything we do.


We see life as a journey of exploration. The wonder of our galaxy and planets have inspired and guided us – from the creation of the brand, our logo, and our design aesthetic with its progressive, futuristic edge.


Our lives are more connected than ever, and technology is driving exploration in how we work and live in so many new ways. The Reuben Avenue team works as a virtual fashion business creating a brand for people who work in a virtual world too. This is the future of working and living smart.


Our luxurious, hand-crafted collection is simple, easygoing and timeless in its aesthetic. Our collection fosters a seamless transition of desk-to-out clothing for work, life and travel.


Fashion is a realm of self-exploration. An art form to express your identity to the world. So why should it be limited by the binaries of gender? Our collection is designed with gender neutrality and inclusivity in front of mind. Your body is a temple, and everyone should be able to experience the joy of dressing as such.


A Reuben Avenue piece is truly an investment made to last. Our team prides itself as they uphold the same meticulous level of quality and care with every piece they produce. Designed to last for the long-haul, we operate in direct opposition to all that fast fashion stands for.

We take our social and sustainable responsibility as seriously as our love of our planet. These principles inspire our actions and make this brand bigger than the Reuben Avenue team and our clothing – it is the Movement of Us.

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Kim Kardashian wears stunning silk two-piece suit from Irish designer Reuben Avenue

Reuben Avenue

During his time in lockdown, founder and creative director Eoin Dillon delved inward. He reignited his appreciation for locality and the collective histories (both recent and ancient) that lives alongside us in our areas of residence. The difficulties of 2020 gave Eoin opportunity, as he rediscovered the folklore of the Claddagh ring.

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