Spotlight on lockdown spring hairstyle collections

IT’s been a tough 12 months full of the ups and downs of home remedy hair trials quite literally by fire at times so we are absolutely In The Pynck with the launch of our Trending Pynck Spotlight series where we look at all things beauty while navigating through lockdown phases and into spring 2021.

Image credit: Armando Grillo

In this our first instalment we take a look at what the couture houses are doing with hair under lockdown, just in time for London Fashion Week opening this Friday 19 February.

Image credit: Pinterest

Over at Valentino individual beauty stands head and shoulders above with fantastic ice-blue manes. It’s the kind of colour that can be easily applied at home and then worn to the laptop for the digital shows going on at LFW Autumn/Winter21. Way back in the first lockdown last April, Bleach London co-founder and creative director Alex Brownsell coined the term ‘self-dye-isolation’, which defines the latest vivid hair colour trend that fades so well over time to perfection.

“At first we had an increase in queries about colour maintenance like touching up your roots or keeping colour vibrant, but now we have seen a huge increase for experimental colour,” said Alex Brownsell. “We are confined to our homes and it has given us all a chance to slow down and think about the looks we have always wanted to try.”

Image credit: Armando Grillo

The legendary stylist Guido Paulo is a big fan of letting your fringe grow while over at Paco Rabanne curtain bangs are flourishing well passed the eyes for a low-maintenance look. It can be the perfect style to ‘grow’ while on a break from professional treatments.

Valentino Couture has gone for a light and airy look where lockdown hair goes to great lengths, flat, floaty and airy as styled by Palau: “I wanted it to feel very light at the ends, you know, like when you see a child’s hair. It is very flat, floaty and airy.”

Image credit: Dries Van Noten

In our final introduction to Trending Pynck we are In The Pynck with the moulded and shiny finger waves shaped with stacked bobby pins as seen at Dries Van Noten while Fendi Couture has come up with swirled lengths twisted from the hairline into chignons. It’s the kind of style that can be slicked back, shaped and pinned fresh from the shower.

Kim Mullahey

Kim Mullahey is’s Ireland Correspondent. She holds an honours undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Chicago and has taught Adult Education Creative Writing Studies. Through a media career spanning nearly 25 years Kim has written and photographed regional news, national and international horse sports, fashion and lifestyle. Kim lives with her husband and son in Kildare Ireland, and a stray marmalade cat who has adopted the family.

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