Toni&Guy encapsulates new season DiscoveryLAB designers

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BEAUTY industry forerunner Toni&Guy has partnered with a trio of designers for their DiscoveryLAB Autumn/Winter2021 collections at London Fashion Week, the British Fashion Council’s dedicated interactive space for fledgling labels.

Swedish designer Linus Leonardsson

On the digital runway with their new collections were Swedish designer Linus Leonardsson along with British stylist and designer Deborah Latouche and Irish-born menswear designer Parnell Mooney who each inspired hairstyles by Toni&Guy.

“The vibe from the hair collection is coming from 1960,” said Toni&Guy Educator Elle Page, who styled the Linus Leonardsson AW21 collection. “Big bouffant hair finished with a little bit of an edge.”

Sabirah stylist and director Deborah Latouche (left)

Hair by Elle Page was styled with a classic round brush and blow dried with the label.m brand volume mousse.

The DiscoveryLAB collection for Sabirah by Deborah Latouche styled by Efi Davies was rooted in classic braids that had been sculpted to new lengths by Toni&Guy stylist Efi Davies, who aimed to inspire a beautifully elegant feeling.

The classic braid by Toni&Guy for Sabirah. Image credit: Deborah Latouche

“We have been working with one of the main trends, the braid in today’s show with Sabirah,” said Efi Davies. “We place a ponytail and we extend it for more on an elegant feeling.”

The AW21 collection by Parnell Mooney featured a contradiction in fabrics, themed on opposing perspectives of masculine and feminine, hard versus soft and between utility and eroticism featured tightly cropped hairstyles by Toni&Guy.

The tightly cropped hairstyle by Toni&Guy inspired by the Parnell Mooney collection. Image credit: Rory Parnell Mooney

London Fashion Week runs from 19 to 23 February with daily live stream shows while DiscoveryLAB collections are available for viewing at

Toni&Guy 1960s inspired bouffant for Linus Leonardsson. Image credit: Anna Rosova

“I am really excited about working with Toni&Guy because of their level of creativity and the creative exchange we have had,” said Linus Leonardsson, known for his sustainable, gender-neutral and glamourous collections. “I am really excited about this totally digital fashion week. When going virtual you have so many more possibilities than in physical events.”


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