Design ideas for the smallest room in the house

ONE of the smallest rooms in the house and the most frequently used is the bathroom, and that is why it makes sense to ensure that a home bathroom design will last a long time.

The latest bathroom decor is trending towards dark walls alongside pale hues. Image credit: Geberit

While the jury is out on the year’s latest trends variations on the small room theme are ranging from dark walls with white accents and natural wood to pale tones along with moody greens warm neutrals and earthy yellows. What is important in a well dressed bathroom is that it should feel like a relaxing oasis designed around functional items that are at the right height and dimensions for the room.

Wood tones and crisp whitewashed walls inspired by nature are essential in many Japanese bathroom designs. Image credit: Wilder Publications

New Jersey USA-based Virginia Toledo and Jessica Geller have gone for palettes inspired by nature, taking in the surrounding vistas in an escape to the country: “We envision a couple that has recently moved from the city and embraces a casual but sophisticated lifestyle,” the designing duo told Aspire Metro. “She works from home and welcomes clients in her den, the interior’s palette spanning all of the nuances given to us from nature ranging from the softest of blues to the most olive greens and neutrals in between”

In looking to build a dream bathroom a project can be tiresome and costly, but consulting with local installation experts can streamline the process. Think about how much storage is needed and how it will fit in the space and encourage creative materials, functional, yet stylish.

A seamless blend of cool stone and wood inspire many European bathroom designs. Image credit: Elegant John

A strategically placed mirror, a cosy chair and well chosen window treatments can make all the difference along with the floor coverings between functional and fashionable, coolness or warmth.

“Whether it’s a vase, a pillow, a candle or a basket it has to have interest and soul,” renowned designer Leanne Ford said to American home décor retailer Crate & Barrell. “It should look like it could tell a good story and the lines are important, simple things with a sense of proportion yet slightly off balance.”

Cool white porcelain and whitewashed walls underpinned by textured wood flooring are what many Scandinavians are after in bathroom decor. Image credit: S Joy Studios

Alongside ultra-modern bathrooms in the warmer climates of the Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Americans there are just as many designed around textured tiles and whitewashed walls. Meanwhile the colder climates of Northern Europe aim their décor towards clean lines and the cool textures of marble and quartz blended with warm wood tones.

Spanish and Mediterranean influences include textured colourful porcelain tiles and whitewashed walls in bathroom design. Image credit: onekindesign

Added Leanne Ford: “I also want to make sure pieces have the right mix of beauty and purposefulness. They should have a use in the space and if they can have more than one all the better.”

Above all when considering a new bathroom work with a qualified, established business or designer who will be there every step of the way, ideally offering free initial consultation to discuss layout, ideas and estimated costs. Be sure that everything is included in the estimated cost from plumbing, tiling and electrics to carpentry and waste removal, and that prices include aftercare.

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Kim Mullahey

Kim Mullahey

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