On St. Patrick’s Day We Honor Our Irish Designers and Artisans

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What better way to pay tribute to the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, than to support the incredibly innovative and talented Irish artists, designers and craftspeople? Celebrate with us as we pay homage to the new and emerging talent along with the well known superstars. All are dedicated and passionate about their craft. Let’s share their joy.

amoura St. Pat Eiffel ring 3-21 cropped.jpg

“Eiffel” Sapphire Ring, Armoura. By award winning designer Stuart McGrath.

. Along with the large central princess cut blue topaz stone there are 34 various sized triangle cut stones on this ring including tourmaline, aquamarine, baguette cut clear and brown diamonds.

Deco cockttail ring emerlad amoura st pat ireland cropped.jpg

Art Deco Tower Cocktail Ring, Armoura. Large emerald, diamonds with neon pink and black enamel.

Icarus Ring Armoura st pat ireland cropped.jpg

Icarus Ring, Pink sapphire and diamond ring in 18ct gold, Armoura. Stuart McGrath infuses his impressive sculpture background with the beauty of jewelry design to craft exceptional, breathtaking pieces.

susannagh grogan St. Pat silk scarf Irish 3-21 cropped.jpg

Brilliant silk scarf by artist and designer Susannagh Grogan can be worn in many different ways.

susannagh grogan love scraf st pat ireland cropped.jpg

Stunning silk scarf by award winning Susannagh Grogan.

Sinead o moore St. Patricks Day article crystalline cropped.jpg

Sinéad O’ Moore Ceramics. Precious earthenware tea light bowls burst with color from an applied crystalline glaze. Each piece is unique, like a tiny treasure.

Colored porcelain shells sinead o moore st. pat cropped.jpg

As thin as paper, these Coloured Porcelain Tea Light Shells suggest the coming of spring. A copper oxide is applied to the edge to create a bold outline against a delicate form, producing a striking contrast. Sinéad O’ Moore Ceramics.

Sinead o moore ceramics light porcelain vessel st pat ireland (2) cropped.JPG

A warm glow to enjoy during a cozy evening. Double porcelain tea light shells. Sinéad O’ Moore relates, “Growing up by the Irish coastline I reckon the sea and nature has informed my work greatly, by working with the clay to delicate thicknesses which moves organically during the firing process. More recently I have combined pieces allowing them to fuse in shell like forms.”

fishermant toggle sweater Blarney Irish St Pat 3-21 cropped.jpg

Fisherman Toggle Buttoned Collar Sweater. Blarney Woolen Mills was built in 1823 and is now an Irish heritage shop.

Sarah Hooded Cape Multi Mulberry Herringbone Blarney st pat cropped.jfif

Sarah Hooded Cape. Blarney Woolen Mills sells all categories of Irish homewares, crystal, linen, lace and lovely Irish made apparel.

DMC Jewellery david McCauley insta st. pat ireland.JPG

DMC Jewellery by David McCauley. Magnificent 1960’s inspired gem-set ring. The center stone is a concave amethyst which is surrounded by green diamonds, white diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Truly an heirloom piece.

DMC Jewellery St. Pat ireland silver swirl brooch (2) cropped.JPG

Swirls of sterling silver accented with 18ct gold finished with green diamonds create a one-of-a-kind statement brooch. DMC Jewellery.

Waterford crystal flower st pat ireland cropped.jpg

Sparkling crystal flower by Waterford Crystal.

Crystal bowl Waterford st. pat ireland cropped.jpg

Lismore Diamond Footed Centerpiece by Waterford Crystal, an iconic Irish brand first established in 1783 with a long history of elegance and producing fine quality crystal.

glass bracelet Laura Quinn design st. pat ireland cropped.jfif

How unexpected and exciting to encounter a breathtaking bracelet made of glass! Sisyphus Arm piece, 2019 by Laura Quinn Design. “The combination of materials and fixing method allows the glass movement, flexibility and most importantly, wearability.” Laura Quinn, Irish designer and glass blower.

Lampworked illuminated forms Laura Quinn Design Instagram St. Patrick's (2) cropped.JPG

Lampworked illuminated forms by award winning Laura Quinn. Flop lights are fabricated from over 1300 individually lampworked components. Laura comes from Foxford, Co. Mayo. Growing up in a household where her mother and grandmother were proficient in the traditional home crafts of knitting, sewing and embroidery gave Laura a making language which is evident in how she combines modular glass components within soft frameworks.  Laura’s main aim is to push the perceived boundaries the audience has of glass as being too fragile and precious to use.

Helen Hayes bag insta st pat ireland (2) cropped.JPG

Fabulous handbag with an origami inspired design. Helen Hayes Clothing.

Helen Hayes clothing st pat ireland (2) ribbon blouse.JPG

Helen Hayes. Meticulously woven ribbon top.

Helen Hayes blouse st pat cropped.jpg

Delicate, layered, handcrafted blouse, Helen Hayes.

Helen combines simple silhouettes with intricate finishes. Pieces can take up to 70 hours to create and are intended to last a life-time.

Castle arch pottery hand warmer mug blue st. pat ireland cropped.jpg

Ingenious handwarmer mug in a lovely blue-green turquoise shade by Castle Arch Pottery. Inspired by the colors of the Celtic land and sea.

castle arch wall planters st pat ireland cropped.jpg

Castle Arch Pottery creates contemporary heirlooms and glorious handcrafted pieces that you’ll want to enjoy each day.

These wall planters would make any flowers look enchanting.

Richard Healy sculpture limestone lily st. pat ireland (2) cropped.JPG

“Limestone Lily” at Carton House. Richard Healy.

Peapod Richard Healy st. pat ireland sculpture (2) cropped.JPG

Richard Healy, “Peapod,” Kilkenny limestone carved sculpture. “There is a great tradition of stone carving in Ireland. Although the tools have changed a little over time, the action of hammer on chisel and punch remains the same today, and it is this that gives me a strong sense of belonging to this ancient lineage of Irish carvers. I have worked on various projects and sculptures and have learned how to carve many different types of stone – From Kilkenny limestone, Dublin and Wicklow granite to Portland limestone, sandstone, Aberdeen red and Carrara marble. Each type of stone invites a different approach to carve it.”

Jacqui Quinn couture blue crystal Adore Jacqui st. pats (2) cropped.JPG

From the “Adore Jackie” collection by award winning fashion designer Jacqueline Quinn.

Jacqui Quinn Adore Jackie red st. pat (2) cropped.JPG

Jacqueline Quinn started her love affair with fashion and began studying the Jacqueline Kennedy “look” at a very young age. The Kennedy look was an inspiration for women in both the United States and across Europe during the 1960’s. Quinn’s latest collection revives the glamour and beautiful silhouettes of the “Jackie Years.” It features only the finest, most luxurious fabrics from Paris in soft hues, delicious colors and perfect details. In true dressmaker fashion, the emphasis is on an elegant fit, couture finishing and timeless femininity.

Jacqui Quinn Adore Jacqui swirling st pat (2) cropped.JPG

A swirling dream of a gown from the couture collection, adorejackie.com, by Jacqueline Quinn.

Jacqui Quinn couture st pat yellow (2) cropped.JPG

Shimmering golden couture gown by Jacqueline Quinn.

Ireland is rich in its artistic heritage. Watch this space as we continue to support Ireland’s artists, designers and craftspeople so you can learn about their amazing and innovative works of art and craft. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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