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STELLA PARDO is a luxury ethical Parisian knitwear label. Since 2010, STELLA PARDO pieces are exclusively handcrafted in Peru in the purest respect of an ancestral know-how by a collective of talented women-knitters. STELLA PARDO uses only eco-friendly noble fabrics sourced from Peruvian Andes, such as royal baby-alpaca and pima cotton. The brand expresses through its collections the essence of cool and chic Parisian spirit, the French effortless elegance, with a unique twist. STELLA PARDO promotes women empowerment and is committed to make a better planet, by offering sustainability and transparency in each collection.

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Cynthia Guerrero created the brand “Stella Pardo” eleven years ago. It is a story of a French-Peruvian company, reflecting Guerrero’s roots as she was born in Peru and moved to Paris aged 10. It was in Paris she learned not only the language but the Parisian aesthetic. She has intrinsically linked the aforementioned Parisian aesthetic with her Peruvian roots. Her designs pay homage to the Inca traditions engrained in the Peruvian culture and heritage. Guerrero herself describes Stella Pardo as a “gentle blend of both cultures.”

The brand’s name Stella Pardo belonged to Guerrero’s beloved grandmother. The name is representative of the type of woman Guerrero would design clothes for; who is a very strong, incredible woman. Women empowerment is the ethos behind the Stella Pardo brand.

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Stella Pardo is a people project at its core. Sustainability features strongly across the brand and heavily in Guerrero’s designs. Stella Pardo endorses the incredible craftmanship handed down by Incas to generations of Peruvian people. Her designs also feature high quality alpaca wool, a material used in Peruvian crafts for centuries and 100% natural.

Guerrero is not only a designer but a social entrepreneur. She founded a knitting workshop, enabling Peruvian women to work and set up their own businesses by selling their designs. 80 women in Peru now knit for Stella Pardo, promoting women in business, Peruvian crafts and using sustainable material. They have worked exclusively for the brand for over ten years.

The Stella Pardo collection is created using alpaca wool in various forms due to thread count and different volumes. Peru accounts for over 85% of the alpaca wool produced in the world. Stella Pardo is committed to only working with wholesalers that fit the fair trade criteria.

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Stella Pardo’s F/W 21 Collection includes beautifully crafted, soft, high quality jumpers. The jumpers themselves are produced in an array of autumnal, natural colours. Other pieces are created using Merino wool, sourced from the Andes. Ecru features heavily in her designs and is the natural colour from using the sheep’s wool. The range begins from one hundred and fifty euro upwards. All designs take several days to make and from July the brand will begin shipping internationally. Stella Pardo is now featured exclusively in Nieman Marcus across the US market. The brand is also currently represented by Itochu in the Asian market.

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