Elisa De Cordova – 20th April 2021

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The homonymous signature of designer Elisa De Córdova was born as a sustainable response to fast fashion. Since its foundation in 2016, it uses organic, natural and recycled raw materials in slow and ethical production processes, which reflect the timelessness and comfort of the brand.

Currently, Elisa works with multiple workshops throughout Chile based on the standards and values of fair trade and the circular economy, thus vindicating the craft of sewing and giving a sustainable look to the world of design and fashion.

During this year’s Russia Fashion Week Elisa De Cordova gave an online presentation of her stunning collection seen below. De Cordova completely identifies with slow fashion and timelessness since it is the image she wanted to give of herself and of jer lifestyle. It is a form of expression and of showing her own identity.

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The iconic jacket of the brand is the Aymara Jacket, because it represents a legacy of the Chilean textile cultural heritage, in addition to being a unique piece handmade by local artisans and tailors, all the production processes are slow and carefully worked to deliver a timeless and versatile garment.

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