Send an Irish Mum Abroad a Piece of Home this International Mother’s Day

Send an Irish Mum Abroad a Piece of Home this International Mother’s Day with a Box from Mama Moments now with FREE International Shipping

They say it takes a village, but for many of the diaspora, whose frequent or annual trips home were a core part of their lives,the pandemic has meant their journey through pregnancy and into motherhood has been in isolation. Without the added support systems of home, self-care is even more vital for mums well being and a powerful form of self preservation.

The feeling of home is not just physical but a complete sensory experience, the smell of your mother’s perfume or the taste of your grandmother’s cooking are indelible and a powerful reminder of where you came from. Although never the same as being there in person, sensory reminders may provide the next best thing while travel is not an option.

From skincare to bath treats, chocolate to tea each of the 5 full sized products in a subscription box from Mama Moments are sourced from small, independent, female-led, Irish businesses, and can now be delivered anywhere in the world with FREE international shipping. International Mother’s Day falls on May 9th 2021, so if you are looking for a gift to show an Irish Mum abroad that you are thinking of her, a Subscription Box (€49.95) whether it be one box or twelve, from Mama Moments is like sending a little box of support.

“When I received my first box I cried after opening it. Living in Seattle, so far from home, it was like getting the most amazing package from a best friend. It’s like a hug from home in a box. If you’re far from Ireland, or know a mum raising kids away from their family – SEND THEM THIS!!I look forward to my box so much and I have a whole ritual around opening it. It’s pure magic.” – Emma, Seattle, USA

And for those in the early days of motherhood the New Mama Box (€56.20) contains carefully selected items perfect for supporting a new mum, whose need may have taken a back seat to the beautiful new arrival.

Subscription Boxes are priced at €49.95 per box and are Shipped Bi-Monthly, The New Mama Box at €50 with FREEinternational shipping anywhere in the world. Available from


Sarah Ryan created Mama Moments in 2018 to remind mothers that they are important too after her own experiences with post-natal depression and PTSD made her realise the importance of self-care in looking after your mental health. Sarah lives in Dublin with her husband and two children, and a combination of severe hyperemesis, breastfeeding issues, and the hospital being shut down the week she was due to give birth, combined together and developed into a cocktail of mental health struggles after the birth of her first child. Unfortunately, in Ireland maternal mental health issues go undetected all the time and it was not till her second pregnancy that she received a diagnosis and began the cathartic experience of speaking with a counsellor.

But one of the most important shifts for her came when she finally started dedicating time to self-care on a daily basis. The difference in how she felt mentally and emotionally were huge. And that’s what led her to found Mama Moments, to empower other mothers to prioritise self-care and look after themselves.

For her, to be a small part of helping mothers prioritise their self-care has been the most rewarding part closely followed by having the opportunity to support some amazing, independent businesses being run by mamas all over Ireland.

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